You have most likely found out about creatine. Creatine is like the ‘magic portion’ for bodybuilding, workouts, and particularly endurance exercises. Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that assists the supply of energy to all cells of the body, particularly the muscle cells.

Creatine is not a steroid. In fact, creatine is naturally found in vertebrates in the liver, kidneys, and pancreas, though not in high quantities. So, you probably know creatine is okay and it has actually been shown to be helpful for your health. It is known to improve brain efficiency and improve long-term and short-term memory for vegetarians. But do you know of the following fun facts about creatine?

1. Creatine does undoubtedly make you look – and feel – stronger!


People will take creatine for numerous reasons, and that is perfectly fine. Perhaps you wish to look more powerful, possibly you wish to ‘feel’ stronger. Taking creatine in fact makes you look stronger. It does this by drawing additional water into your muscles. The catch is that the extra water will become used up by the body so to preserve this, take 2 -5 grams of creatine each day. Keep in mind to take great deals of water.

The bonus is that you will also ‘feel’ stronger, considering that creatine creates extra energy for the body. Offer this energy an outlet through routine exercises and I assure you won’t regret it. Because of the additional water that builds up in the muscles without doing some workouts, working out also assists to prevent the puffy look the body may take.

2. Too much of anything is unnecessary and dangerous – and this also uses creatine!

So, one may think, if creatine is this good for me, possibly I must take more of it. Bad concept. Not only is taking too much creatine harmful for your health like the functioning of your kidney, liver, and heart, it has not been shown to cause any ‘extra’ health advantages or visual advantages (for your body). It is therefore much safer, and saner to stick to the advised dose.

3. Creatine benefits your kids too.

Jose Antonio Ph.D. wonders “What astounds me is that moms and dads would rather give kids a sugar-filled soda than creatine.” Creatine is very safe and definitely much healthier than a soft drink.

He goes on to add that “Creatine has actually been shown to have advantageous results in kids with distressing brain injury, kids being treated for cancer, [and] kids with muscular dystrophy along with teenage athletes.” … “So why not give it to healthy kids who are training for a competitive sport or activity?”

Creatine is perfectly safe for kids. In fact, a small portion of children is born with a problem of creatine metabolism which if not dealt with can cause mental retardation as well as autistic conditions and a few of these kids have actually been cured effectively with creatine monohydrate. Creatine has many options for a number of medical conditions.

4. Creatine is utilized by pediatric cancer clients.


5. The concept of taking creatine with some grape juice actually works.

It is true that taking creatine with sugar such as grape juice helps.

This is really nice and neat technique – for creatine uptake to be improved, insulin consumption should be encouraged. Think of insulin as a type of pump pushing the creatine faster into the muscles. Although the primary word here is insulin, more essentially juice will work, such as grape juice. Just take 100 grams for every single 5 grams of creatine and you’re great to go.

A brand-new research study has actually observed that taking protein together with creatine in this fashion has much the same outcomes. The research study advised taking 50 grams of protein for every 5 grams of creatine.

6. Liquid creatine is really not the most effective form of creatine.


Liquid creatine has its fair share of advocates who claim that it is more quickly consumed by the body compared to other kinds of creatine such as solid creatine. This might be true but in relation to the quality of the creatine, strong creatine shows up finest. Creatine in powder form is very steady.

The thing about creatine is that when it is exposed to an acidic environment or wetness for a very long time, it breaks down to more ineffective creatinine and the citric and phosphorus acids discovered in liquid creatine do just that.

Specialists thus encourage that if you are going to make a portion of creatine shake, make sure you consume it by the end of the day.

7. Creatine from food is worthy and great – but it is insufficient.

Foods such as beef, cod, salmon, and herring consist of excellent amounts of creatine. They are trustworthy sources of creatine.

Deriving creatine from food might be safe and a natural way devoid of what some would call the ‘toxins’ of manufactured creatine products. It is not enough. It is estimated that the average person will get about 1 gram of his creatine from his diet. This is extremely credited to the reality that the cooking procedure ruins much of the creatine discovered in foods.

8. There’s no much better option than powder- Powder wins constantly!

The creatine market is no exemption. Nowadays, there is effervescent as well as liquid creatine. There is even chewable creatine!

9. Think about the quality of your creatine.

Chinese creatine is a lower quality item, with more pollutants such as creatinine, dicyandiamide, sodium, and dihydrotriazine. German creatine, from companies such as SKW (Creapure), is a cleaner, purer product.

10. Yes! – Creatine has various results for various individuals.

The majority of people will rely on creatine after seeing a dramatic change in another person – if he/she can do it, I can do it. Well, not exactly. Some people have high levels of creatine in their bodies naturally. For example, meat and fish eaters are likely to offer a lower modification by creatine as compared to vegetarians who have lower levels of creatine from their diet plans.

Many individuals will have 50% fast-jerk fibers and 50 % sluggish-twitch fibers and they will react well to creatine. Those people with 70% fast-jerk fibers and 30% slow-jerk fibers will see greater results.

Do not lose hope if you don’t see the specific result your good friend got – there’s a lot more going on for the changes to appear than sticking to the dosage.

Well, there you have it! I hope that now you understand a bit more about creatine. Thank you for checking out.

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