Did you know that 95% of dieters who lose weight will end up gaining it back again? Often, It is not the person who is at fault but rather it’s the approach they’re using.

I know, because I used to be a frustrated yo-yo dieter myself. Then, after a lot of research And experimentation, I discovered that it simply doesn’t have to be that way.


You can lose weight (fat) without starving, buying expensive fat-burning pills, or killing Yourself in the gym. The entire process can be quite enjoyable and extremely rewarding!

I have shared my tips with many others who have found them extremely helpful. But, when I Thought about it I realized there are 5 main points you must follow if you want to be one of The 5% that is successful at losing weight and keeping it off.


These 5 points reveal exactly what you must follow if you want to get the body you desire.

In this post, I want to share with you the top 5 reasons why your diet isn’t working. These Are the 5 things that helped me reach my goal:


1. Not Avoiding Processed Foods

If there’s one thing that will stop fat loss dead in its tracks this is it. The more processed a Food is, the worse it is for you.

Most cultures in developing countries that eat a simple diet like rice and beans live a lot longer than we do.
National Geographic did an article on some of the longest living groups in the world. They Often live 10 years longer and are healthier mostly because of the result of their diet.

And of course, this correlates to appearance and weight control as well. My wife is from the Philippines and when we visit I have to try hard to find an overweight person there.

And when I look at what they eat, it’s not burgers and fries. It’s mostly rice, fish, lean beef, And vegetables.


2. Not Eating Enough

I know it’s logical to think that the less you eat, the more fat you’ll lose. And this is true, but Only to a point.

If you drop your calories too low and keep it that way for a long period, your body senses Famine and will begin to hold onto the fat. This is also known as the “starvation response.”

Although on the surface it might seem counterproductive, you need to raise your caloric Intake every 3 to 4 days to give your metabolism something to work with. You can do this With cheat meals and it will also help you to avoid binge eating.

This will not only trick your body but it will help you psychologically too. A cheat meal is also A great way to reward yourself for all your hard work. You can eat what you want guilt-free.

Most of us can stick with a healthy eating plan for at least 3 days!

3. Not Combining Foods Properly

Of all the macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) it is a protein that has the highest thermic Effect, meaning that it takes your body the most energy to digest it.

If you only eat carbs by themselves they will quickly be absorbed by your body and the Chances of fat storage will be much greater. Eating protein together with your carbs will Help to solve this problem.

Eating in this manner is one of the best ways to burn off body fat because the rate that the Carbohydrates are absorbed into your body will be slowed down. It is the perfect combination.

For example, instead of eating only a baked potato, you can eat steak with it. Here are a few more examples:

  • Chicken and rice
  • Turkey breast on whole-grain bread
  • Fish and sweet potatoes
  • Oatmeal and whey protein powder

Just for the record, each meal that you eat should contain lean protein. It is a protein that Builds and maintains muscle tissue. Muscle is active tissue meaning that it burns calories!

Lean protein also helps to fight off hunger which is another benefit in itself. Hunger plays a Huge factor when it comes to dieting for fat loss.


4. Not Tracking Calories and Macros

You need to pay attention to the law of energy balance. Unless you are really experienced And can gauge your portions well, it is vital that you keep track of your food intake.

Guessing is a haphazard approach to dieting because you could be eating way more or way Less than you think you are. The best way to start is to find your BMR and reduce it by about 15% for the best results.

Once that is established you can then calculate your macronutrients. You then will have Peace of mind knowing that everything is in order and in your favor to promote fat burning As fast as possible.

5. Not Eating Foods You Like

I thought I would save the good news for last. One of the primary reasons people gain Weight back is because they can’t stick with the diet they made for themselves.

A diet is only as good as your ability to stick with it. Yes, tuna is healthy but if you hate tuna Then don’t eat it!

Aim for 90% compliance with your program. This will give you a little leeway here and there To enjoy things you like.

I do it all the time and look great!


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