It’s a choice to be happy rather than something that just happens to make you happy

 Only Those experiences that delight and thrill are given meaning in the happy mentality.

There are plenty of movies to watch, and drama is all around us, calling for our attention. Rather than getting emotionally involved in life’s unpleasant situations, choose to focus on What makes you joyful.

Every circumstance is shaped by the decisions we make about how we think, feel, and act. Staying aware of the meaning given to each circumstance helps you to go from anxiety and Worry to acceptance and a new focus.

Allow what is observed to reveal what is wanted. 

When there is a dearth of money, Remember That there is also an excess of money waiting to be focused on and brought into The current moment. Wherever there is an unfavorable condition, the desired experience is ready to be accepted.

This is the happy mindset: continuously recognizing the desired or preferred experience. What is fervently held as truth and reality remain, but letting go of the illusion that what is Seen is all there are permits the next experience to emerge.

There are no fights between a movie and the viewer of the movie. The spectator chooses whether or not to participate emotionally, extracting from the film those concepts that Correspond to the observer’s personal filter/belief.

Once the filter or belief has been identified, it is simple to go in a new direction, allowing For the possibility of other thinking. Little changes in experience as long as concepts or Beliefs are regarded as inflexible dogmas.

When one accepts that there are other options to be interacted with while keeping the Emphasis on desirable thoughts, feelings, actions, and observations, a new reflection Appears to be engaged.

Take note of the current circumstance and enable it to provide the other side of the coin, the Desired experience. Where there is scarcity, there is also a surplus. Even if the experience is Lacking, embrace the abundance. The entire experience wanted is always included in the Concept or seed of the desire, just as the entire life of an oak tree is contained in the acorn.

Stay cheerful, accepting, thankful, and festive in the spirit of that desire. This is the path to Success via happiness. Happiness mentality examines both what is and what will be at the same time, understanding that the interplay of passion with the desired experience Materializes it. The path to success is happiness.

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