You must realize and know that you are a unique person, and that is the challenge That this article addresses. You, like everyone else, are very valuable.

And you will find that the benefits and rewards that you will get when you feel healed and Healthy are enormous. When you have the freedom to express yourself, you will be able to Make parallel choices between reason and emotion.


Karen’s story and choices of reason and emotion

Karen says she has ended more than one engagement relationship. Whenever some Problems start in the relationship, you decide to withdraw from them. Karen learned a lot About herself from the seminars that were being held in this regard.

It was clear that she was developing relationships with men of her age who had no passion Of any kind.

It did not have a private identity separate from the expectations of the family and society. She had no idea how to process the sounds of childhood feelings and experiences.

She always used “messages of expression” in her relationships – which led to many struggles For supremacy and power.

She was also always critical of others for not clearly defining internal and external Boundaries. Failing to learn the lessons of her past relationships, she kept repeating the same problems over and over again.

Karen had to come out of the seminars mature and healthy. She did all the homework required of her in the plans laid down for the twelve lessons she had received.

What did Karen do to change herself?

I vowed to use the self-confrontation technique daily. I started making similes between the Voices of The Inner Family.

She has also had many therapeutic encounters in her important relationships with others. Little by little, she was able to make more and more balanced decisions between her mind And her emotion.

She was able to connect her mind and emotion. She began to create a better relationship With herself, rather than waiting for others to make her feel happy.

Try to develop yourself and your personal growth every day until the last day of your life. This is the test of balance between reason and emotion.

Privacy and emotional control

The challenge in this article is to become aware of the inner and outer limits in your Relationships.

Nina and I laughed at ourselves when we discovered that we had been lecturing how to Balance reason and emotion for six years without discussing limits. We just found out we Don’t have either! 

We are so used to each other that we need to recreate our identity. Have you lost your Identity in your relationships with others because you are learning to define – or establish – Your own internal and external boundaries?

Ownership or privacy is something else as important as setting boundaries in your Relationships with others.

In healthy relationships, you will take responsibility for your feelings and patterns of behavior, rather than taking responsibility for the behavior and feelings of the other person.

Sandra says she lost her identity in her marriage. She explains, “I kept taking care of his Needs to the point that I didn’t take care of myself at all.

I also expressed to him many intense emotions and feelings that he did not realize and did Not express to me.

In a short period, I became unable to distinguish between his feelings and mine! I need to Develop clear boundaries between us so that I can take responsibility for my feelings and let My husband take responsibility for his feelings.”

The goal of creating boundaries is to have the ability to separate your feelings and thoughts From the feelings and thoughts of the other person. When you maintain proper boundaries, You increase the energy to take responsibility and ownership of your life.

Take advantage of your relationships with others.

The challenge this article addresses is to use the communication and awareness tools you Have gained through reading this article. And apply it to your relationship with yourself and With others.

Your human relationships may be the best opportunity you will ever have for self-Development.

Through it, you can become more balanced and safe in your relationships with others. You Can also learn to connect emotionally with yourself and others in your relationships.

You can also deal with the childhood pain and trauma that affects your relationships. In your Healthy relationships, you can go through any kind of stages that you haven’t finished Treating before.

Phyllis has been divorced three times. She says, “Whenever I feel like a relationship has Become stressful for me, all I do is leave. Each time the lesson becomes clearer and more Painful than the time before it.”

Eventually, I realized that I needed to find out how much I was contributing to the Disharmony in my relationships. “I committed to using the communication and awareness tools described in this article to learn about themselves.”

The point of this article is for you to learn different lessons from every relationship you Form and this will undoubtedly enable you to become a more likable person.

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