What supplements should I be taking after running?

It is well-known that the main source of energy for athletes is a healthy – balanced diet. However, depending on your body goals, age, gender, and exercise intensity and frequency, It is desirable to use some supplements about the mentioned conditions and especially in Case of greater efforts.


 Physical efforts increase the need for calories, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and it is a common thing for runners to add vitamins and minerals to their diet. 

It is sometimes difficult to intake all necessary nutrients via the natural way, the food. The Climate, season, and lack of time are only some of the obstacles in this way. 

There are plenty of high-quality products in the market designed by pharmacists, doctors, Nutritionists, and professional sports that can help runners regenerate their bodies after Training.

Why are supplements after running so important?

Adequate, dosed, and timely consumption of good supplements is very important for the Overall well-being of a runner and his / her success in this field. Supplements help runners Achieve the following goals:

  • Increase endurance.
  • Recover after running.
  • Decrease muscle inflammation recovery time.
  • Stimulate muscle tissue regeneration.
  • Prevents injuries.

Furthermore, some very specific supplements should be taken after running. These have Specific goals, such as supplements for muscle growth.

It is important to know that needs and accordingly the supplements for runners are Different from bodybuilding supplements. Some people who are new in running make this Mistake. This affects their performance and health.

What should the supplements after running be like?

After intensive training, including running as well, it is necessary to recover lost energy and Supply muscles with food. 

The supplements runners should take after their training should be rich in proteins, Minerals, vitamins and calcium, iron, and beta carotene. These will help them gain more Flexibility, endurance, and strength. Let’s not forget that strong is the new sexy!

What are the recommended carbohydrates–protein ratio?

The recommended ratio of carbohydrates and proteins after intensive running is 4: 1. This Ratio results in a greater synthesis of glycogen in muscles than when you consume only Carbohydrates. You can try these natural options:

  • 1 banana and a glass of milk (low fat).
  • A portion of cereals with low-fat milk.
  • Low-calorie yogurt (with fresh fruit, e.g. Berries).
  • A glass of chocolate milk.

You can also opt for supplements designed according to the 4:1 ratio as well.

Is it better the run on a treadmill or outdoors?

Running is perhaps the best possible form of physical activity. It is the most similar activity To the human natural way of movement. If you are not heavily overweight and don’t have Joints pain or damage, this is probably the very best choice for you too.

 Both the ultra runners, the professionals, and the amateurs, common people who wish to Exercise are often undecided between running on a treadmill and running outdoors and They usually look for professional answers. 

All experiments, scientific papers, and experience show that running on a treadmill is easier And requires less energy than running outdoors.

What is the mechanism behind it?

The less energy statement is especially true when running at higher speeds. One of the Reasons for this is the resistance force that increases with the speed of movement.

 Furthermore, the difference in oxygen consumption has not yet been sufficiently explored, Which leads us to conclude that the greater the mechanical work we perform, the greater The energy consumption.

Therefore, if we want to objectively look at the differences between the treadmill and Outdoors running, we need to know something about the forces in these two types of Running and the role of gravity.

When running outdoors, we must use a force larger than the force of gravity to run or to Stop our bodies. When running on a treadmill, we must wait for the machine to start Moving. This is the biggest difference between these two running types.

How do the muscles react?

The next thing to observe is the difference in the work of the muscles. On a treadmill, our Main task is to keep the upper part of our body in sync with our feet following the machine.

 When running outdoors, our main task is to “catch” the upper part of our body and stop the Excessive body movements regardless of the terrain configuration. 

These two things are completely different both physiologically and psychologically. The Second case is much more demanding and, therefore, somewhat unexpectedly, represents The better choice for endurance running.

Despite the further-faster-forever imperatives imposed on sports, we can conclude that Running outdoors is the better choice.

Last, but not least reason for this statement is the fresh air consumption and the air Resistance. In these ways, outdoors running increases your endurance, lung capacity, and Strength better than treadmill running.

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