There are various means through which Breast Cancer can be treated.

 There are clinical Trials as well as standard methods. The latter are those that are already being used in Medical institutions while the other refers to those that are still undergoing tests. 

The clinical trials are said to be even more effective than the already established standard Methods. They have even been made open to the public.

However, only those who are not under any other breast cancer treatment can use this kind Of treatment. One can not combine two breast cancer treatments; they will only end up Complicating the entire situation.

There are 6 main breast cancer treatment methods.

Surgery is the most common of them all. Statistics show that most breast cancer patients Have more belief in surgery as a treatment procedure and therefore go for surgery. The very First thing to do in any treatment procedure is to perform the necessary tests. 

In this case, lymph nodes are used to check for cancer. After this, then the main procedure Follows so long as the tests proved positive for cancer. There are different kinds of surgeries But the breast-conserving type is the most common. 

This is basically where the procedure only involves getting rid of the lump without Damaging the breasts in any way.

Lumpectomy is whereby the tumor is ejected from the breast with some small amount of tissue That surrounded the lump.

The breast is however left unscathed. Partial mastectomy is another breast-conserving Surgery. However, in this case, the breast is partially removed but only the small bit that had Cancer plus a bit of the surrounding tissue. 

The chest muscle lining is also removed in some cases. However, as earlier stated, such a Surgery includes some biopsy whereby part of the lymph node under the arms is removed.

The other kinds of surgeries include total mastectomy.

Unlike in partial mastectomy, in this case, the entire breast is removed. Even in this case, the Biopsy is also done for testing purposes. Only the infected breast is normally removed Leaving one.

Modified radical mastectomy is another viable option. However, in this case, most of the Affected breast region is removed, Apart from the lymph nodes removed as part of the Biopsy procedure, the boob; chest lining, and at times the chest wall muscles are also Removed.

There is also the sentinel lymph node biopsy option.

This is where the sentinel lymph node is also removed. In addition to that, some radioactive Substance is normally injected into the tumor area. The substance is normally blue and Helps the doctor find the main affected lymph node. 

However, this treatment is also followed by surgery. Radiation therapy is another very Common treatment procedure. In this case, the cancer cells are killed by some sort of Radiation x-rays that normally contain a lot of energy. 

Chemotherapy on the other hand involves the use of drugs. This particular helps in Destroying the cancer cells or even preventing them from dividing. Other forms of therapy Include hormone therapy and targeted therapy.

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