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At Healthy Heart Weight Loss, we want you to share all the different ways of living healthy in Mind, Body, and spirit. Weight loss and keeping a fit body are more than getting ripped abs.

If you want to live right then start exercising daily but do it slowly and you will be one of the Biggest Losers.

We are going to go through the fat loss journey with you, we have gone to the fitness gyms, tried The Adkins Diet, the latest pilates, personal training, and low carb diets. Now, let’s get to the truth And show you what really works and what doesn’t, why the average American needs to watch What they eat and exercise daily.

Learn the why’s of low-carb eating and how successful it is for weight loss.

Diets are everywhere. It’s big business. You may have tried a few diets, or many diets, and are Probably disappointed by the big promises with little results.

If you’re considering low-carb dieting you want to know if it works. Of course, understanding WHY It works is the first step.

Beginning at the Beginning… Why Do We Eat

Your body needs energy. We need food to create that energy. Your body uses that energy to lift Your arm to eat, to sit, stand, walk, laugh, cry, and talk.

Your body also uses energy for things you don’t really have much to do with, like growing nails And hair, and breathing in and out. We need energy for everything we do. It’s not just the big Things. It’s the little things. So, food provides the energy we need to live.

What Happens to the Carbs We Eat?

When you eat carbs, they convert to glucose in your blood. When you eat too many carbs, this High blood sugar (glucose) level is not good so insulin rushes in to remove the glucose from Your blood to keep your blood sugar levels even.

Most often the insulin overshoots its dose and removes too much glucose from your blood. This Causes the sugar crash and has you running back for even more carbs to balance yourself out. So Continues the cycle.

Meanwhile… What is the Fat Doing?

Why isn’t the fat doing its part to produce energy? When we eat a lot of carbs on a regular basis our body deals with the overload by burning carbs first, instead of burning fat.


This is because we have very limited ability to store carbs, but we can store fat for months or years. Our body doesn’t know when it will get food again.

It’s still programmed to store fat just in case we need it later. So even though most of us get well More than we need to eat, the fat gets stored and the easily accessible carbs get burned for Energy.

Carbs are known as the ‘metabolic bully.’ They keep the fats from getting to play on the Playground of energy. The fats have to go sit in the corner (your cells) and do nothing except wait And wait, and maybe never play if the bully sticks around.

How Do We Flip the Switch?

When you start eating low-carb foods instead of foods loaded with carbs, your body’s Metabolism starts to change.

There are fewer accessible carbs to burn and your body goes looking for other sources of Energy, And finally “finds” the fat! Now your body gets the energy it needs from your fat resources. This Process of burning fat for energy is considered to be your body in ‘ketosis.’

This is a good thing for a limited time because you are now in the optimal state to burn that Excess fat and lose weight.

How Long Can This Go On?

Most people agree that very low-carb diets maintained over long periods of time are not Desirable.

Throwing your body into extreme ‘ketosis’ over months or years is not healthy. However, Following A timetable for reducing carbs, increasing proteins, and then slowly reintroducing healthy carbs, does produce weight loss.

Over the long term, eating a proper balance of carbs, one that your body tolerates without Gaining weight, is the ultimate goal of any low-carb diet. That’s why we refer to the “low-carb Lifestyle.

” It’s all about finding out exactly what you can eat to maintain a lifetime of health.

Eating low-carb works because you finally quiet the “bully.” He’s still there, but he’s no longer Dominating the metabolic scene. Now the fat in your cells can come out to play, be used for Energy, and you lose weight. It’s all a matter of biology!

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