It’s every couple’s dream to begin constructing a family of their own by having a healthy Infant.

Pregnancy seems a natural expectation from any healthy couple however in a world where Lifestyles are constantly on the go, preparation is essential to make certain that everything Goes well.


Being a celebration animal, managing on a little sleep, too much alcohol, and cigars– all These will need to take a back seat in order to accommodate the start of a brand-new life.

A number of months prior to conception, both the man and the lady ought to make sure They are practicing a healthy lifestyle to keep their body in a good condition. This can help Reduce threat factors that can hurt the child or the future parents.

Sometimes, it just takes a healthy lifestyle modification to boost the chances of pregnancy Especially for those who are having issues with infertility and other medical conditions.

The first two to 4 weeks of pregnancy is extremely critical. Throughout this time, a small Placenta and embryo are already connected to the uterine wall. 


The child’s development can be significantly impacted by the following health and lifestyle issues:


-Severe birth defect called spina bifida

Is a condition characterized by a child born with a spine that is not closed. To help prevent This condition, many food items, such as bread, bagels, and breakfast cereal, are Strengthened with folic acid which is effective in reducing the threat of this abnormality.


-Alcohol is associated with premature delivery, mental retardation, birth defects, and low-Birth-weight babies.

-Cigarette smoking can cause conception problems and may increase the threat of preterm Labor and low birth weight.

-Pregnant ladies ought to consult their doctors before taking any non-prescription and Prescription drugs due to the health danger it may trigger to the unborn. 

Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, aspirin substances, and Ibuprofen can cause a reduction in the quantity of amniotic fluid and cause closure of the Ductus arteriosa, an essential blood vessel in the baby.

-Drug use is destructive and lethal to both mother and baby.


-Pregnant women who have periodontal infections and gum illness can increase the threat Of pre-term shipment up to eightfold. Infants born to moms with these infections are two Times as likely to be confessed to a neonatal intensive care unit, and 3 times most likely to Need hospitalization beyond 7 days.


According to Michael Greene, MD, Director of Obstetrics at Massachusetts General Healthcare Facility in Boston, obesity is an especially vital concern for ladies of childbearing Age. 

“Obesity is related to many issues, due to the fact that it significantly increases a lady’s risk Of developing high blood sugar and diabetes– either prior to they get pregnant or Throughout their pregnancy,” adds Greene.

The unborn are put at high threat for a variety of congenital malformations, consisting of Problems of the brain and spinal cord produced by the mother’s obesity and diabetes. The Children are most likely to grow large in size making it tough to have regular shipment and Might need a cesarean area.

Anxiety can also affect pregnancy. Ladies who get depressed when during pregnancy tend To smoke, consume alcohol, or use controlled substances that are damaging to the child. 

Trouble bonding with the baby and postpartum anxiety may also take place which is usual in Females with a history of depressive illness. The cortisol hormonal agent that the body Releases during times of stress appear to make conception more difficult. However, exercise And getting plenty of sleep can help in reducing stress.

Women are advised to see either a doctor or midwife at least 3 months prior to getting Pregnant for pre-conception therapy. 

This will assist ladies to learn about what steps to require to guarantee a healthy Pregnancy. Keeping a healthy lifestyle for many years can translate into a healthy Pregnancy especially when it’s past the prime of fertility years.


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