The task of parenting is not easy especially these days when in most cases both of the Parents are working outside. 
However, if you are a parent you are responsible for the good upbringing of your child. Parenting takes a lot of effort. The most important thing that most parents are worried About is the health of their children.

Children love tasty foods. Parents try to provide them with nutritious food when they are at Home but they often tend to overlook the lunch. Since they have a lot of works to do they Don’t get the time to prepare lunch items and pack the tiffin box of their kid. Instead, they go For pre-packed food items.

These packed food items don’t contain the nutrition your child needs. So instead of putting Chips, cakes, and cookies in the lunch box of your little one give him or her various kinds of Seasonal fruits. The lunch box should contain whole grains and vegetables as well.

Try and make fruit salad. It is easy, less time-consuming, and healthy at the same time. You Can also give vegetable salad and boiled egg. 
Chowmein is a favorite dish of many children. But don’t go for fried chowmein. Avoid the Use of oil. Prepare boiled chowmein with different vegetables to make it tasty.

Another good lunch item will be a sandwich. Put some carrot, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, Cucumber to make a healthy sandwich. Add salt and pepper for taste. Use wholegrain bread Instead of white bread. You can also add low-fat meats or mayonnaise.

At times you can also pack the lunch box with low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese, peanuts, dry Fruits, calcium-fortified orange juice, sweets, and many more. 
However, there is no harm in packing the lunch box with chips, cakes, or cookies once a Week. Kids don’t understand the importance of nutritious foods. They go for taste. If you Indulge their preferences rarely it will do no bad. After all, their smile is worth your indulgence.

Easy Parenting Tips

Parenting is one of the most vital knowledge which helps your kid to grow up into a more Sensible, responsible, thoughtful, and at the same time hardworking adult. But for these, You need to follow some simple rules.

Here are some quick parenting tips which certainly help you to understand your children Better. So, you could develop a great strategy for their personal development.


1. Please don’t ever try to undervalue your kid. They could think and understand more than You expect. The majority of parents are found who make the same mistakes and try to Create an example with other children. Underestimating your kids can become a serious and Major drawback in their personality development.

2. As child psychology states that most children like challenges. So threaten them could Make them keener to do such bad things number of times. Make them understand what is Good for them on their own.

3. If you like your children to be learned then don’t make them understand that they are Learning only to earn money. In this way, you are making your children lose the value of learning.

4. Don’t force your child to make promises because most children cannot able to keep   Promises. And punishing them for not keeping their promises can be more dangerous for   Them in their psychological development.

5. Don’t keep your children in a small space. Every child needs some space to grow up       Naturally with freedom.

6. Try to use simple and concise words rather than complex and big words so that your child Could understand properly what you want to say

7. Don’t expect blind and instant obedience from your children. Let your child think on their own.


8. Don’t try to impose rules which don’t go with the age of your children.


9. Try to work out an easy strategy that would help to develop your child’s personality.

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