You might have stayed in this article because you wanted to give running a shot or you want To lose weight or you’re looking for a new hobby, whatever your reason is you’ve stayed in The right direction. 

This article is going to guide you through running 101, we will tell you how to start, how to Pace, and how to get better at it, whatever your goal is, we’ll make sure you will go through It with ease.

Now running isn’t as easy as taking a walk in the park, it takes time and practice to get better at it, and once you know how much you can take you’ll be running farther and faster. Before you start running, it’s best to consider 3 things first; your running goal, your current physical state, and your ability to be consistent.

-First, if your running goal is to lose weight then you have to consider a strict time frame and The proper diet to go with it.

-Second, if you’ve never been active throughout your life then you have to make some Adjustments. Running is a commitment and it needs consistency for you to be good at it.


-Lastly, your commitment. This may be correlated to our second point because this is one of The most important factors of what you’re about to get yourself into.

So how do you start running?

Finding a comfortable outfit.

Since this is a beginner’s guide, it is important to know what kind of active gear you like to Be in. Never wear jeans when you’re running and find something that is loose in which you Can move in without a problem. Your running shoes are also an important factor, they have To be light and made of good quality so they can take you miles and miles away.

Starting your run.

Normally, it’s good to schedule your running time especially when you have a busy schedule, Once you have that your workout should start with simple stretches. Normally, stretching And walking for a bit will do you good. Always try to insert a cool-down period. Try running 20 minutes per day for a week and gradually increase the number.


For beginners in running, you should know your pacing. After your stretches and walk, we recommend that you use the first 2 minutes to warm up and work your way up a faster pace, Intervals are good because they help you catch the pace.

You can run for 5-minutes straight, Walk for a minute and then get back up running for 5-minutes. If your goal is distance, then You increase how far you can run, say you can run about 2 miles at first then increase that Number the next week.


You mustn’t shock your body.

So always be mindful of your pacing and how your body responds to the intervals

Keep hydrated.

Always bring water with you because you don’t want to get dehydrated.

Consistency is always the key to keeping your running streak, it’s best if you take it slowly And be safe to avoid getting injured in the process. Good running shoes are also important Because some shoes cause injury rather than help you run your best.

Personal Training With Flexible Rate Options:

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 Group programs are More affordable than one-on-one training and for many people, it provides the support you Want especially when first starting a fitness program.

Organize your group and find a time that works best for all parties and you will receive free Personal training for the first month and a half off for the rest of your training.


Members of your group do not have to be at the same fitness level.

Group sessions will make your workouts fun and motivating and you’ll wonder where the time Went when finished.

To qualify for the ‘free’ and half-off rates, there need to be at least 3 people in your group Including yourself.


They are incredibly versatile and provide unstable training with a challenging load.

Sandbags, as well as sport-specific drills, mobility work, and excellent overall conditioning Can help you develop stronger stabilizers, trunks, and grips. They are distinct in that they Will change shape as you lift them.

 Unlike most other training tools, developing a specific groove for any lift is nearly Impossible. Sandbags are thus a constant challenge because each repetition will be vastly different. 

Fun can be used as a serious training tool. It’s human nature to avoid doing things we don’t Want to do. Making training more enjoyable increases the likelihood of being more productive and consistent.

Sandbags are often a breath of fresh air in people’s training programs because they are so Unique. Even for common exercises like squats and presses, using a sandbag makes them Feel as if you’re doing them for the first time.


One of the main advantages you get with training is full progress tracking, your activities Are recorded and notes are taken to modify and improve your exercise regime in the future.


It is performed on a mat rather than a stretching table, allowing the ability to apply more full Stretch.

Super stretching techniques also allow easy application of PNF (receptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), a fancy term describing the use of the stretch reflex against oneself to increase Flexibility more quickly. 

I know it sounds painful, and it can be at times, but it’s an important part of improving performance, results, and quality of life. You will feel completely relaxed afterward as if you Had just had a wonderful full-body massage.


You’ve learned a lot of fancy techniques in this section but don’t worry, the training isn’t overly complicated.

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