If you’re like most people, you have some inches that you want to get rid of.

And if you’re like most people who have tried to eliminate these unwanted inches, you’ve Used numerous programs and you’ve tried out hundreds of tips.

You’ll do anything to turn your body into the shapely figure that you want it to be and Discover how to burn the stubborn fat…


You’ve done the special food fad diets with items that are expensive and sometimes weird.
You’ve mixed shakes until you’re sick of them. You’ve swallowed pills that claimed to help Burn fat – but didn’t work. You’ve eaten some nasty tasting concoctions and gagged while Choking them down.

Everything you’ve tried putting into your body to help has been to no avail. So you decided To go after the fat from the outside, too. You added exercise and sweated until you were Exhausted and drenched.

You’ve even tried weight training to get rid of stubborn fat that just will not let go.

3 Reasons Why You Still Have Stubborn Fat

Men and women alike want to lose fat because then they’ll have a better-looking body, feel better and be able to fit into the clothes that they want to wear.

They have plenty of willpower – but just not the right knowledge they need to make their Goals happen.

You have an uphill battle and that battle is more difficult for women. One of the reasons that you’re having such a hard time shedding the fat is due to genetics. Your ancestors gave you The DNA that you have.

You got your eye color, your hair color, your build, and even your possible health issues from Them. But you also got the stubborn way that your body holds and stores fat from your Ancestors.

1) Your genetics are to blame (or thank) for how you look. 

But when you’re born, you can’t choose which people belong to your family tree.These genetics are directly responsible for being the reason that one person will store fat in Their hips and another in the buttocks.

Unfortunately for women, they kind of get a raw deal when it comes to genetics and fat. Like a Woman, your body isn’t going to be as light in the fat department as a man is. That’s because A woman’s body is naturally made to hold onto fat. It’s simply the way it is and you can’t Change that, either.

Besides being naturally predisposed to having more fat than a man, a woman’s cells are not An ally when it comes to losing fat. Rather than being a helpful fat loss buddy, a woman’s Cells work to hang onto that fat.

So when a man or woman tries to burn off fat, the body has some roadblocks in place.
Another reason that you still have fat is because of the way you eat when you try to burn Stubborn fat…

2) Fad diets, which are also sometimes known as crash diets, work against your body.

Both men and women fall prey to the belief that these diets work.
When you go on a diet that robs your body of the nutrition that it needs to survive, it’s going To fight back by slowing your metabolism and holding on for all its worth to the fact that it HaBut that’s why crash diets aren’t good stubborn fat-burning strategies.

They do just the opposite. You may even see celebrities who go on weird fad diets and all of A sudden they’re parading around in bodies that look leaner.

Maybe for a short time. But when you see them later, all of that weight loss is right back – And they have more fat than they did before they started their diet.

You don’t want to put your effort into something that’s a waste of your time and unhealthy For your body – even if it is a short-term crash diet.s for survival purposes.

You know that the fad diet isn’t forever and that one day you’re going to eat normally again, But your body doesn’t know this. So it’s keeping the fat to prevent you from starving to death – even though that’s not an issue.

3) Estrogen.

Just as women carry more fat than men, they also have a greater struggle with fat Loss because of estrogen. If you’re a woman, you may have wondered why – when You’ve tried so hard to work out and eat right – you still have not lost the fat.

That’s because estrogen works to prevent weight loss as well as fat loss.
What is Estrogen?..

It causes your metabolism to slow down, making it more of a battle when you do Attempt to lose. It’s also responsible for making sure that any fat in your body that Goes into storage stays there.

All three of these things – genetics, wrong dieting, and estrogen – can play their Part in working hard to keep you from burning fat.

Change Your Mindset About Fat Loss

You know that fad diets don’t work when it comes to losing fat.
But what you might be unaware of is that not even healthy diets can make a difference in your Body’s fat stores.

If you eat right, you might lose a few pounds, but eventually what always happens is you’ll simply Stop losing weight – let alone losing any fat!

You’ll step up whatever exercise you’re doing in an attempt to shake free of that plateau.

Yet still, that fat clings. There’s a good reason for this. You check yourself, talk to others, and Think that what you need to do is to add some more water intake to your day.

Surely if you drink enough water, you’re going to finally see some fat loss victory. Maybe you Can flush fat right out of your body. After all, that’s what some of the infomercials said…

But you down so much water that you’re getting up in the middle of the night to go to the Bathroom!

After a couple of weeks, you check your appearance in the full-length mirror and the only Thing you lost is sleep from getting up in the middle of the night.

Upset, you decide that what you need to do is to up your protein intake. The protein will give you energy and it will help you lose some pounds. Surely along with that weight loss, You’ll also lose fat.

When that didn’t work, you figured that what you needed was more exercise – so back to the gym you go to. You’re working out forty-five minutes to an hour every time you go. That just Has to work.

Except it doesn’t and you don’t even realize that you’re right back on the same cycle that You were in the beginning. Diet. Exercise. If you’re not careful, you’re going to start looking Once again for the next fad diet.

You feel this urge to keep trying – not only because you want to lose the fat –

But because deep down inside, you know there must be an answer, there must be away.

And you’re right! There is a way!

It’s time to change what you’ve always thought about fat loss…

How Your Liver’s Health Determines Your Fat Loss

This is why you need to change your mindset about fat loss. This is the reason that everything You’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked. This is the reason that you know there are answers.

Because your body has been trying to tell you all along, that you already have an organ that’s Willing and able to help you burn the stubborn fat that you want going. But at the same time, if You’re not treating it right, this same organ can cause you to hang onto fat because it can’t break Those stubborn facts down correctly.

How Your Liver’s Health Determines Your Fat Loss

That organ is your liver. You might think that your liver is simply the organ within your body that Helps to get rid of toxins. You’re right, that’s exactly what your liver does do.

You get toxins from the food you eat, from the air you breathe, and from the products that you use On your body. Everyone deals with this and normally, your liver gets to work, cleans up these Toxins, and keeps working as it should.

But what happens is a lot of people fill their bodies with extra toxins. They overindulge in Foods that are loaded with toxins. They’re not careful about what they breathe in.

They won’t even think twice about spraying a cleaner in a room and breathing in those Droplets from the air. Or a friend comes over who happens to be a chain smoker. Hitting the Bars every weekend, people might drink to excess.

While you might be happy with your routine and not think twice about it, the truth is that These extra toxins you’re allowing in your body are not only damaging your liver, but it’s Limiting your liver’s ability to get rid of fat.

Your liver was made to get rid of fat and toxins. But its priority is going to be keeping itself And your body free of harm. So guess what issues it’s going to tackle first?

The toxins. So it goes to work to get rid of those – but every time it makes any headway, More toxins are entered into the body. So your liver just keeps on trying and trying like it’s On a hamster wheel.

It’s no wonder that it doesn’t have time to fight the fat. To help your liver do its job, you have To get it where it’s healthy again and doesn’t have to focus all of its energy on toxins.

You have to do a total body cleanse.

And if you’ve never done a cleanse for your liver before, you probably have a lot of toxins That you need to clear out of there. There are several ways that you can do a cleanse for Your liver, but not all of them are healthy ways to detoxify.

The natural way to detox from fat burners to burn fat in the liver

If you know anything about body cleanses, you know that there are all kinds of promises Made. The catch is that you have to buy certain products. Maybe some cleansing shakes or Powders.

Some cleanse suggest super zingy spices that they say are “guaranteed” to work. But they Don’t work. They end up making you sick – and if you use enough of the spice, you can burn Your taste buds.

Remember that when you’re trying to get an organ back to optimal health, you don’t want to Ingest something that will hurt you in any way. So avoid things that aren’t natural.

Instead, use natural ways to restore health to your liver. There are some everyday ingredients in foods that you may have already tried before that can bind toxins.

These toxins can then be eliminated and stop causing your liver to work so hard. Once the Toxins are eliminated, your liver is set free to work on losing fat.

So what are some of these natural detoxifying foods?

Beets are one of them. Well known for their eye-catching color, beets don’t always make the list of things that many people like to eat. They do have a strong taste – but they’re an Incredible detoxifying vegetable that can give your liver a healthy boost.

The only problem is that you do have to eat this vegetable raw to get all of the detoxification Power it has. Remember the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?”

This fruit not only keeps the doctor away but also keeps the toxins cleaned out.

The pectin in apples is the ingredient that can get rid of those toxins and help your liver function better.


YouTube video


To get this help from an apple though, you will need to make sure you eat the peel of the Apple. Looking at foods that act as a natural detoxifying helper, you want to check out Whatever is green and leafy. These foods are great at giving your liver some aid.

Foods aren’t the only detoxifying items. Some liquids – such as green tea – also work as Something that can naturally detoxify your liver. There’s a long list of different food items That you’ll want to know for getting your liver back to the place where it can help with fat Burning.

The reason that it’s important to make sure your liver is healthy before you try to lose fat is That without it, you’ll fail. A liver that can’t metabolize fat can’t help you.

What You Need to Get Started and Succeed How To Burn Stubborn Fat


You need to get rid of the toxins first before you do anything else. Even if you don’t want to lose fat, you should do this to help your liver. Next, you’ll want to learn about the right foods that can be helpful to keep a record of your food and exercise. 

So start a journal for that. The reason that it can be helpful is that on days that you have Little willpower and you haven’t seen a recent change in your body’s fat, you can look back at How far you’ve already come.

To eat that will help you metabolize fat and lose weight.

Once you’ve done the cleanse and have the hang of which foods to eat, you’ll want to add Some exercise – but you want to make sure that you’re doing the kind of exercise for the Length of time that you should do it.

Your life is made up of blocks of time and there’s no reason that you should give large Chunks of your life over to the gym.

Aim to work out for 15 minutes a day for just 3 days a week.

Since getting started on some new habits can make anyone feel a little unsure, use a food guide for when you’re not eating at home. There’s no reason why eating at your favorite restaurants can’t work with your fat loss goals rather than against them.

Set your fat loss goals in increments. In other words, make sure that you set yourself up for success from the start.

Don’t make open-ended goals. Such as “I want to lose fifty pounds and noticeable fat.”

That’s not specific enough. Instead, make your goal something like, “I want to lose fifty Pounds and noticeable fat in six months.”

It can be helpful to keep a record of your food and exercise. So start a journal for that. The reason that it can be helpful is that on days that you have little willpower and you haven’t Seen a Recent change in your body’s fat, you can look back at how far you’ve already come.







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