Have you decided that you are looking for a keto diet?

Have you decided to sculpt your body?
Have you decided to protect your mind and your nerves?
Have you decided to regulate your digestion?
Have you decided to regulate your hormones and blood pressure?
Have you decided to be active?
Have you decided to control your blood sugar?
Have you finally decided to ditch the medication to not go away?


Keto is the word for ketones.

Which are ketones These ketones are not carbohydrates or sugars, and they are not proteins, Not fats It is taken from the fat, but not from the fat It has properties from starches and Properties from fats It is an alternative energy source for sugars and starches How do I get Ketones There are two ways The first way is to reduce carbohydrates in your body Or by Reducing the number of times you eat a day (intermittent fasting).

Why do we reduce carbohydrates in our bodies?

Why intermittent fasting, and why are we looking for these ketones?


1_ketones increase the level of oxygen in our body Increased activity without

Stimuli and.2- Supports the brain and heart .. the brain and the heart if you

Choose Between Ketones and carbohydrates.
They will be cutting out sugars and Eating ketones because
They know this is what works for them The best source of
Energy for the brain and mind.

If I had a stroke, or a stroke in the heart, and part of the brain or heart died. Carbohydrates Bypass this imbalance Ketones bypass this defect and try to fix it She points to the Mitochondria and tries to fix it Bring it back again Most of the body’s tissues are nourished By ketones in a beautiful way Few body tissues need glucose People who don’t want keto Say:

The body needs glucose, carbohydrates, and Brother.

Listen, there is something in the body called {GLUCO NEO GENESIS}, which means new Glucose is synthesized. The body makes glucose and carbohydrates from itself Via proteins, Fats and ketones The body can convert it into glucose, so you do not need glucose from a Source outside the body, and whoever tells you that you need glucose from outside the Body, tell him to go and read carefully.

Of course, you need time to convert the fats accumulated in your body into ketones and use Them This depends on your insulin resistance, if it is high, and if you are pre-diabetic or Diabetic You need more time, but you can shorten this period with the keto diet. To get These ketones, you have to start with a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting Well, if you Go on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, you will enter ketosis Why do you enter Ketosis?

If you get into ketosis, you will reduce the cyst, which is insulin When you lower your insulin level, you reduce insulin resistance, lower cholesterol, reduce stress, and reduce inflammation in your body. 

The fat in the liver is reduced.

This is cirrhosis and your life becomes better Digestion is getting better, but the most important benefit of getting into ketosis is that you won’t feel hungry You will never go hungry, and if not, you can stick to this program Most the people who start any diet in the world, such as following a diet with 6 meals a day, having olives in the morning, or eating an apple for dinner, will fail miserably.

Because of hunger. You reach a period of hunger, but in a state of keto, you will be satisfied With satiety and you will not feel hungry You will be very happy and this is important The Second feature of the keto diet, intermittent fasting, puts you in the[ autophagy]

Stage, which is the stage in which the body recycles dead cells and damaged proteins and Produces amino acids to build the body. But on the condition that fasting is from 18 hours Or More After 18 hours, the body will enter the autophagy stage.

The most important piece of information on the keto diet is that you do not eat if you are not hungry. Dear ketones, a long time ago you didn’t feel hungry, did you? If you feel hungry, know that you are not fasting intermittently on keto, do this And you will not feel hungry, And if you do not feel hungry, you will stick to the Program.

How do we start the keto diet in the right way?

First, we stop eating any kind of sugar and take a substitute for it, which is sugar [Stevia], Which is a sugar substitute The second condition is to stop eating all kinds Of fruits. Low Carb Diet, they can eat fruit, but on the keto diet, fruits are not allowed. All fruits are not allowed. Except for cranberries or blueberries, it is allowed with lemon as well Ok.

Why should you refrain from eating fruits?

Now if you eat 10 kilos of bananas and eat them now and we measure the level of sugar in The body, it will never increase! Ok, is this a good sign? No, our problem With fruits is that They contain fructose.

This type of sugar goes directly to the liver and causes fats on the liver, so you
get fatty liver And you get insulin resistance and insulin resistance is the cause of all diseases. The third Condition: We refrain from eating all kinds of rice, flour, chimp, and others, which are Prohibited on the keto diet.

Vegetables on a keto diet are very important every day, from 5-to 10 cups per day. One, two, or Thirteen cups of salad to take in magnesium and potassium, which help you get ketones and Relieve side effects.

The side effects that we will mention in two dimensions, there are no serious side effects,. People who like to calculate manganese 90-170 grams of protein If you are one of the People who do not use the scale, then like the palm completely, this is the source of protein Only.

We divide the plate into half the jujube vegetables and the other half with protein, fats, and Fats. We will mention them in detail Now, protein sources. Sources of protein are meat, chicken, fish, shrimp, eggs, deer, and manners in the palm but with the right fat, olive oil, or Coconut oil.


Or add butter or avocado oil, use whatever you want to eat, get keto, enjoy fat, and improve Your life How to get started with 3 meals a day in 8 hours, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You Break the fast at 12 noon, eat at 4 and have dinner at 8 after 3 weeks, you have 2 meals, Trust me, you will feel full and you will never be hungry.

After that, you eat the meal at 12 PM and the meal at 6 PM. After that, the time decreases Gradually until you only eat one meal per day, believe me, you will gain all the benefits in this World some people say that on the keto diet there is no menu available and that we feel Bored with this diet. You say that now because you are hungry Dear in the keto diet, there is No vacancy for hunger.

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