Kourtney Kardashian has experimented with about every diet imaginable, from veganism To juicing. However, according to a report shared on Poosh on June 7, Kourtney is back on The keto diet.

So, on the ultra-low-carb diet, what does the reality star-turned-lifestyle-mogul consume in A day? Continue reading to learn what Kourtney eats while she’s on a ketogenic diet.

1-She begins her day by drinking a smoothie.

Kourtney drinks an avocado smoothie made with a full avocado, one cup of organic plant-based milk, one scoop of vanilla protein powder, and 14 teaspoons of MCT oil for her first meal of the day.

While manuka honey is usually used in the dish, Kourtney says she doesn’t use it while she’s On keto “I’ll replace it with a few drops of Stevia. I’ll keep my MCT oil, bone broth powder, And blue-green algae in the mix.”

2-For lunch, she had a salad.

Kourtney says she usually eats a salad in the middle of the day to keep her energy levels up. “A protein-based chef salad with turkey, a foundation of mixed greens, and egg whites is Generally my go-to for lunch,” adds the celebrity.

3-She eats a meal that is “very clean and basic.”

Kourtney says she’ll “typically have chicken or salmon” with broccoli rice or cauliflower Rice for her last meal of the day.

“They mislead my brain into believing I’m eating carbs, even though they’re made up of Shredded veggies,” she says.

4-She doesn’t snack.

When Kourtney is following a keto diet, she claims she doesn’t nibble at all and instead Relies on bone broth or green tea for energy.

“Walnuts or pecans” are her go-to snacks whenever she gives in and eats anything in Between meals.

5-She practices intermittent fasting.

When it comes to keeping to a keto diet, Kourtney adds intermittent fasting into her eating Regimen, in addition, to carefully restricting her carbohydrates.

“For me, this meant not eating for 14 to 16 hours after dinner. I wouldn’t eat past 7 p.m. Then I’d wait until after my morning workout, which would be about 10:30 a.m., to eat the Next day..around 11 a.m.,” reveals the actress, who also does a full-day fast once a week While on the keto diet.

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