There are over 100 signs of menopause, some not as obvious as others.

No 2 people will have the same experiences when going through menopause, and Sometimes the symptoms will change from one month to the next for the sufferer.

The intensity of the symptoms will also vary from one woman to the next.


Signs of menopause are not permanent symptoms, they can hit you in a flash and be gone Just as quickly. Hot flushes, night sweats, cold flashes, and feelings of clamminess are Amongst the 35 most common symptoms.

Other common signs of menopause include rapidly beating heart along with mood swings accompanied by shedding of tears for no plausible reason.

In addition, there can also be some amount of problems experienced with getting adequate Sleep at night and these sleeping problems can be accompanied by night sweats or without It.

Periods can become irregular, some months they will be heavier than other months, the Duration of periods will vary, even to the point where they could last for weeks. There are Even phantom periods, where you have all of the pain, but no bleeding.

Incontinence can also be a symptom of menopause. This in itself can be distressing for the Sufferer, causing fear when socializing or just going on a shopping trip. 

Your libido may suffer, along with a dry vagina, concentration, disorientation, feelings of Fuzziness and forgetfulness can also be worrying to the sufferer. Is it any wonder that Menopausal women become emotional at times.

Some symptoms can be the cause of embarrassment for the sufferer. Loss of hair, excessive Facial hair, body odor, itchy skin, joint pains, muscle pains, tendon pains, weakened or Cracked fingernails, are all for some women part of the menopausal process.

A visit to your doctor is essential when you notice that you are getting pre-menopausal Symptoms. Remember all women go through menopause, usually, when they are in their Middle ages, you are not alone and there are treatments available.

Women, when they reach their 40’s are definite candidates for menopause. When you Notice that you are suffering from some of these symptoms you should consult your GP.

Take your partner with you, he needs to hear from someone else what you are going Through. A lot of husbands are not callous when it comes to menopause, they just don’t Understand what you are going through.

Menopause .. 8 tips to overcome symptoms

1- Wear lighter clothes to avoid sweating and heat.

2- Keep your room cool at night.

3- Stay away from extreme stress or heavy work.

4- Avoid possible irritants, such as spicy foods, caffeine, smoking, and alcohol.

5- Get the necessary rest.

6- Exercise regularly.

7- Do relaxation and meditation exercises like yoga.

8- Keep a sleep schedule and go to bed at the same time every night, avoiding going to bed late.

Tips for a better intimate relationship after menopause

1- You will not notice any significant change in the vagina. 

The interruption of the menstrual cycle indeed leads to a decrease in the estrogen hormone In the woman’s body, which affects the shape of the vagina and its blood flow. 

However, this change may not be noticeable with the naked eye from the base. So don’t Worry about such a question, the vagina is a group of muscles that dilate or return to normal Depending on use. 

Therefore, you can practice intimacy normally and the blood flow will return to this area so That you can experience sexual pleasure.

2- Do not hesitate to use lubricants.

Women who suffer from vaginal dryness use lubricants to facilitate the process of Penetration without pain.

After menopause, you may experience vaginal dryness and decreased vaginal discharge and Secretions. And don’t worry, even if you’ve never used it before, modern lubricants give you Hassle-free comfort and pleasure.

3- Take back confidence in yourself.

I know these feelings which can afflict you after menopause, with a lack of confidence in You, and the feeling that your femininity is in danger! 

But do not listen to these illusions, you are always at the peak of your femininity and your Beauty. Encourage yourself to do things that will make you feel confident, play a sport you Love, buy new lingerie to renew your intimacy. Do things with your husband that you have Never done before.

4 – Your intimate relationship will not change much, good news!

Research indicates that having a missed period isn’t always a negative thing in terms of sex Life or intimacy. 

Many women become more optimistic, cheerful, and beautiful after menopause, and their Sexual desire increases as well. 

What’s more, some studies indicate that in women who have a healthy intimate relationship Before their period ends, this also means the same after the interruption.

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