samsung ces 2024 the world’s first transparent MicroLED

by ghaliamohrem, Monday, 8 January 2024 (2 months ago)
samsung ces 2024 the world’s first transparent MicroLED

The holidays have passed, but there’s one winter tradition that remains. CES is back, once again turning Las Vegas into a sanctuary for the tech-obsessed. Samsung is conducting its annual CES news conference on January 8 at 2 p.m. PT or 5 p.m. ET, a day before exhibits officially begin. Engadget will have a dozen reporters on the ground at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, and you can follow along from home by viewing the livestream on Samsung’s Global Newsroom site.

Samsung announces the world’s first transparent MicroLED screen


Samsung is, of course, a massive firm with its hands in just about every cookie jar, so you may wonder what the news conference will concentrate on. And you know the answer already. It’s AI. The press release is titled “AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI,” which somehow shoehorns in the word twice.

During the news conference, Samsung will likely highlight their advancements in AI technology and how they will impact various industries. They may discuss how AI can improve connectivity and revolutionize the way we interact with technology. The emphasis on “AI for All” suggests that Samsung aims to make AI accessible to everyone, ensuring that its benefits are not limited to a select few.

What we anticipate

The event will be conducted by Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of Samsung’s DX (Device Experience) Division, Jong-Hee Han. Samsung has been rather tight-lipped on the details, instead emphasizing the broader idea of “AI for all.” Maybe we’ll receive more details about the company’s planned chatbot, Gauss, which can compose emails, code, and, well, you know the rest. It can, however, also upgrade low-resolution photos, which is quite cool.

The event will be conducted by Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of Samsung’s DX (Device Experience) Division, Jong-Hee Han. Samsung has been rather tight-lipped on the details, instead emphasizing the broader idea of “AI for all.” Maybe we’ll receive more details about the company’s planned chatbot, Gauss, which can compose emails, code, and, well, you know the rest. It can, however, also upgrade low-resolution photos, which is quite cool.

  • Explore the significance of having top-level executives such as the Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of Samsung’s DX Division leading this event. Discuss how their presence indicates the importance and focus that Samsung is placing on AI technology.
  • Delve into Samsung’s approach of “AI for all” and discuss what it means in terms of democratizing AI technology. Explain how this approach aligns with Samsung’s overall mission and corporate strategy.
  • Investigate further into Gauss, Samsung’s planned chatbot, which has various capabilities including email composition, coding assistance, and photo enhancement. Analyze the potential impact these features could have on productivity and user experience across different industries or domains.
  • Highlight some possible use cases for Gauss beyond its known functionalities like composing emails or upgrading low-resolution photos. Speculate about other tasks or applications where Gauss might be utilized effectively to improve efficiency or enhance user interactions.
  • Examine how advancements in AI technology by companies like Samsung can shape future trends in device experiences and human-machine interactions. Discuss the implications of integrating sophisticated AI capabilities into everyday devices, particularly regarding convenience, personalization, privacy concerns, or potential challenges faced by users.

Samsung will certify controllers suited for game streaming on its smart TVs

According to The Korea Times, Gauss is expected to arrive in future Galaxy S24 smartphones, so CES 2024 would be a fantastic moment to make that public. The S24 line is slated to debut in mid-January, so in just about a week or two.

Of all, Samsung is largely a hardware firm, so it’d be surprising if it spent the whole lecture on AI. Last year’s press conference saw the business reveal everything from a smart oven with an inside camera to MicroLED and 8K TVs. In any scenario, we don’t have long to wait.

The goal of Samsung’s certification program is to improve the environment around game streaming on smart TVs.. Ahead of CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the firm today introduced Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub, which provides third-party accessory producers with official recognition that their gear works with the platform. The program’s first licensed gamepad, from PDP, is available for pre-order.

Hardware partners that cooperate with Samsung via the initiative will add a “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” label to their goods. Although Samsung Gaming Hub works with most regular Bluetooth gamepads, the firm claims the accreditation implies the controller will give the “best possible game streaming experience on Samsung Gaming Hub, regardless of the supported Samsung device players choose.” Samsung promotes the badge as denoting “compatibility, quality, performance, safety, and security” on its products.


However, if you already possess a Bluetooth gamepad that works with the Samsung Gaming Hub and don’t care about specific shortcut buttons, you should be OK with keeping with it.

Samsung Gaming Hub features a strong variety of game streaming providers, including Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, Boosteroid, Blacknut, Utomik, and Antstream Arcade. (The sadly gone Google Stadia was formerly on that list.) In addition, it can stream material from Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube.

The first hardware partner product with certification is the PDP Replay Wireless Controller. It delivers up to 40 hours of battery life with a low-latency Bluetooth connection from up to 30 feet away. It contains a dedicated button to access the Samsung Gaming Hub, as well as TV power and volume controls.

Samsung upgrades its smart monitor that operates without a PC for CES 2024.

Samsung traditionally has a significant presence at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, and this year is no different. The business has introduced an upgrade to its current range of smart displays. This is a minor upgrade from last year’s Smart Monitor M8, which was already feature-packed. This one seems to preserve many of the same characteristics as 2023’s release, from resolution to the detachable camera. However, there have been some software upgrades.

The new smart display boasts enhanced user interface and improved voice command capabilities, making it even more intuitive and convenient to use. Additionally, Samsung has introduced a new app store specifically for the smart display, offering a wider range of applications and services for users to explore. With these software upgrades, Samsung continues to solidify its position as a leader in the smart display market, providing customers with cutting-edge technology and an exceptional user experience.

The Smart Monitor M80D sports a 32-inch 4K display and all manner of high-tech bells and whistles. The major news here is that you can utilize the display without a PC or a game console.


This doesn’t imply it’s a full-fledged computer on its own.

The independent duties include video conversations via the detachable camera and streaming material from companies like Netflix and Prime Video. The display also incorporates Samsung’s Gaming Hub, so you can stream all types of games over the cloud. Finally, there are independent applications for managing smart home devices, text editing, and checking fitness information.

The previous-generation M8 Smart Monitor already offered several functions that functioned without the assistance of a PC, but this new version steps things up a level. You also get HDR10+ images, built-in 2-channel speakers, and Bluetooth for connecting straight to other products, such as wearables. There’s also a function that allows you to easily transmit photos and text from other Samsung devices, such as Galaxy smartphones and Book laptops, to the display. It also works with Galaxy Buds to deliver a “surround sound-like experience” with low latency.

This device will be available later this year, but Samsung hasn’t provided price specifics. As a reference, the previous generation began at $700 but was routinely available with considerable discounts.

Samsung also used CES to reveal something genuinely weird:

a 3D monitor in the year 2024. 3D technology was immensely popular more than a decade ago but has since fallen out of favor owing to restricted use-case situations. This display provides a possible new application for 3D technology: access to VR material without a headset.

By eliminating the need for a headset, Samsung’s 3D monitor opens up the possibility for a more immersive virtual reality experience for users. With this innovation, individuals can now enjoy VR content without the discomfort or inconvenience of wearing bulky headsets. This advancement could potentially revive interest in 3D technology and pave the way for its resurgence in the future.

Samsung says the display can run most VR apps without wearing any gear altogether.

Although the experience will be drastically different. There’s eye and head-tracking embedded into the display, so it can replicate VR movement, but the range of vision will be restricted by the monitor. A built-in algorithm automatically changes the 3D response to deliver the most “immersive gaming experience,” and it works with all Steam VR games. Of course, you can also use it to view classic 3D stuff, like 2009’s Avatar or anything.

There’s no release date yet; however, Samsung claims it’ll share more details on the monitor as the year develops. The business also revealed a monitor dubbed The Link that’s geared for multi-screen installations. There isn’t much information available regarding this one, with more to come “later in 2024.”

Samsung’s commitment to innovation is evident in its upcoming monitor releases. While no release date has been announced, the company promises to provide further information as the year progresses. In addition to this, Samsung has also introduced the Link, a monitor specifically designed for multi-screen setups. Although details are scarce at the moment, enthusiasts can look forward to learning more about this exciting product later in 2024.

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