Today I am talking about an amazing remedy of skin whitening powder.

Which is very expensive but I will make it with no expense at all, or you can say that today`s Remedy (cost) of this powder is almost free free free.

So now let`s move on to our remedy for skin whitening powder! So today I am sharing this Skin whitening powder secret with you all, my main purpose to create this website is to Share my experience and knowledge with you all so you can get benefits too!

Especially for those people who can`t afford to go to the parlor, spend money on expensive products, or do have not enough time to take care of themselves, my goal is To tell them easy and quick ways to make them beautiful, and they can take care of Themselves at home!



Usually, we don`t share or tell anything beneficial to others for free.

So with the help of this website platform, I will be able to share my experience and knowledge with you all, if anyone, anywhere can get benefits out of my remedies, this will be The biggest achievement for me, if you know about something beneficial then you should share your experience and knowledge with others, its kind of charity!

This skin whitening powder is made with easy and simple ingredients!


This incredible powder has a lot of benefits, which I will tell you further in this article, Besides today I have a small special surprise for my visitors as well, which I will share at the end, so keep reading till the end.

Now let`s see how to make this amazing powder, for those people who are visiting this website for the first time, they should know that I am only sharing these remedies and tips In a beauty conscious, which are simple and easy to use.

First of all, we need an empty bowl to make this powder, as you remember.

I told you that its cost is almost zero because which ingredients we are using can easily be found in our kitchens, and homes, this powder is very effective for our face and skin, its Price is not much but its effects are impeccable, remember don`t throw orange peels out, dry them cause they are very useful, as you can see.

I Dried orange peels before and make it’s powder-like so.

Now add 2 spoons of dry orange peel powder into an empty bowl. 

You can store this whitening powder for up to one year, with no issue! 

This is lemon, I also dried them and make their powder as well, so, it looks like a fine Powder, lemon has a natural bleaching agent in it for our skin, which helps us to even out skin tone, and in orange peels, vitamin c is in large quantity which will make our skin Brightening and glowing!

As you can see if you drink orange juice your skin gets instantly fresh, as this powder will Also give your face freshness. 

Just think it this way, this powder will resolve all your skin problems. If you have Acne, pores on your face, or you have dull skin this will solve all your problems!

You can use this (powder) in any remedy, face packs you make, or as it is. As you can see I Already dried these lemon peels and make their powder, add 1 spoon of lemon peel powder!

Lemon has also a high amount of vitamin c and potassium, in short, lemon peels have 10% more minerals in them than lemon itself, so this lemon peel powder is very important and beneficial for our skin treatment! 

At last, we have turmeric (Haldi) easily available in the kitchen, add half a spoon of turmeric (Haldi) into it, and done!

You can see how simply and easily you can make this skin whitening powder! Now mix it Well, and know how to store it!

Use airtight containers and you can store this for up to 1 year, you can also see it in dry form So it never goes wrong! Also, the ingredients you used in this are very beneficial and Effective for your skin!

Use it without any worry or hesitation, I will also tell you it’s pack so stay tuned! Put this in an airtight container like so! And when you need to use it for a face pack, take 1 or 2 spoons of powder and put it in an empty bowl.


Now you can make this in 2 ways, first for dry skin, add raw milk in it, and then apply this on Your face, and for oily skin and combination skin, add 1 spoon of yogurt in it, and mix it well.

 It will become a very fine paste, which will make your skin tone even lighter and brighter, And resolve your skin problems as well.

You can use this in any face pack, it has no side effects at all, just benefits and Benefits, now make this (mixture) 

Like so, and now how to apply this, first wash your face, you can use this whitening powder Paste on full-body as well, apply this on your face, hands where ever you want, like so, it will Shine and bright that area! After applying this like so, leave it for 15 minutes!

Now after 15 minutes when this pack gets dry, massage it with soft hands, like so. So it’s all Benefits and goods can be soaked up in our skin, to make it more effective! After that, wash It with normal water!

I hope today`s article is beneficial for you all, and I hope you like it as well, so as I told you earlier, if you got something beneficial then share it with others, so everyone can get Benefits out of it, so try to share this article as well.





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