Smart AudioBook Player
Smart AudioBook Player

Smart AudioBook Player

This application is full of useful features for playing audio books

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Smart AudioBook Player is the most famous version in the Smart AudioBook Player series of publisher Books Software

Use Music Speed Changer to your benefit if you’re like music or simply wish to work with audio files in general.

Here, the practical audio tool makes it simple for Android users to boost audio quality, adjust playing experiences, and trigger stunning audio effects.

With Music Speed Changer, you can modify the speed of any audio file without changing the pitch, enabling you to listen to songs or podcasts at a faster or slower tempo.

Additionally, you can use the program to loop key portions of a song, which is especially beneficial for rehearsing musical instruments or learning new dance routines.

Whether you’re a music aficionado or just love playing with audio, Music Speed Changer provides a number of tools to improve your listening experience.

Music Speed Changer

Take use of its various in-app features while listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio files. Try out all the different ways you may listen to music by playing with the available selections.

Above all things, the app’s practical features will bring up a wealth of applications that you can quickly find out about by yourself.

Music Speed Changer what is its purpose.

With the mobile app, you may rapidly alter the speed of the audio files on your devices without changing the pitch, and vice versa.

The app’s utility for working with different audio files, such as music, audiobooks, and audio effects, will be substantially boosted by its built-in audio settings.

You may easily slow down songs to listen to the lyrics, make the audiobooks speedier to promptly finish them, or discover the beneficial features to make your unique audio files more engaging.

Additionally, the app’s user-friendly design allows for simple navigation and control over the audio settings, assuring a smooth and delightful experience.

Whether you are a music fan, an enthusiastic reader, or a content developer, this program gives unlimited options for personalizing your audio files to fit your interests.

Furthermore, the app’s interoperability with numerous devices and operating systems means that you may enjoy its advantages across all your devices, making it a flexible tool for music fans on the road.

How to change speed and volume with cool rate controls.

Work on any audio files on your PC thanks to the totally supported application. Unlock the useful music looper for more entertaining listening experiences.

Change your music settings using reverse settings. Have fun fiddling with the fully-functional equalizer. Unlock the present app UI that’s both exciting to look at and easy to use.

And you may also enjoy many additional features within the smartphone app.Some of these capabilities include the ability to make unique playlists, shuffle and repeat songs, and simply browse across your full music collection.

Additionally, you may discover new music using the app’s built-in suggestions and explore various genres and artists. With the smartphone app, you have the flexibility to tailor your listening experience and enjoy high-quality music wherever you go.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the free application of Music Speed Changer on your mobile devices; no money is required.

But if you want to use the fully-featured app, there will be certain adverts and in-app purchases that you need to do.

Also, to make the app more useful, you’ll need to supply it with certain access privileges. So be cautious to examine its prerequisites before accessing the app for the first time.

And don’t forget to have your devices updated to the newest firmware revisions, which are vital to ensure the app’s compatibility with your system.

Updating your devices to the newest firmware versions is vital as it guarantees a seamless integration of the app with your system.

It is crucial to carefully analyze the access privileges requested by the app during the first setup to ensure your privacy and security are not compromised. By adopting these steps, you may maximize the operation of the app and have a flawless user experience.

Here are all the fascinating features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive app UI to work with

To start with, Android users in Music Speed Changer may appreciate working with the uncomplicated app UI, which allows you to access all of its operations without any hassles.

Thanks to the modern material design, users may effortlessly navigate between numerous in-app features and settings. Make quick and easy adjustments to their selected audio files. Or enable many group editing assignments to speed up the process.

Furthermore, Music Speed Changer provides a broad variety of functions to improve the audio editing experience. Users may alter the tempo and pitch of their selected audio files with accuracy, enabling them to create unique and customized sounds.

The program also allows possibilities to loop portions of a track, add effects, and even alter the key of the song.

With its straightforward design and sophisticated editing features, Music Speed Changer is a valuable tool for both casual users and experts in the music business.

Have fun tweaking the in-app themes.

For those of you who are interested, you may now have fun playing with the unique themes in Music Speed Changer, which will allow you to vary the visual impressions within the software.

Feel free to work with bright or dark themes to better cope with your eyes while checking out the functions of Music Speed Changer.

You may also adjust the color schemes to reflect your particular tastes, making the user interface more visually attractive.

Additionally, the opportunity to swap between several themes may improve your entire experience and create a more immersive ambiance when using Music Speed Changer.

So go ahead and plunge into the realm of customisation, making your time with this application not only pleasurable but also easy on the eyes.

Adjust song pitches for unique playback experiences.

Here in Music Speed Changer, Android users may enjoy playing with numerous pitch shifting options, which will allow them to adjust the music in 24 semi-tones.

In addition, with fractional semi-tones enabled, you may operate even more effectively with your selected audio files. Thus providing numerous unique listening experiences with the music speed changer.
Play with the audio speed for unique effects.

For those of you who are interested, you may now experiment with different audio speeds in Music Speed Changer to achieve unique effects on your audio files.

Have fun extending the time or modifying the music speed with different accessible options in Music Speed Changer, from 10% to even 100%. All of which will help you to have ultimate enjoyment with the audio files.

Have access to a professional editing engine.

To make the app more engaging, Android users may also decide to work with the professional editing engine in Music Speed Changer, which will assure accurate results.

Feel free to run your élastique-efficient V3 by zplane.development with any audio files and make full use of their capabilities.

Change the audio rates.

At the same time, the accessible audio rate adjustment in Music Speed Changer will allow Android users to deal with the pitch and tempo of their audio files entirely.

As a result, you may make advantage of its qualities to generate unique playback experiences. This makes the application especially suited for making nightcore or fast music mixes.

Work nicely with all audio file types.

The application is compatible with all current audio file formats, as the authors themselves have specified that you may contact them if there are any unknown files that the app doesn’t handle. Hence, you shouldn’t have any problem opening up your ordinary audio files or even unusual ones.

Enable the music looper for unique playback experiences.

At the same time, for those of you who are interested, you can now experience the magnificent music looper in Music Speed Changer, which will allow you to create immaculate loop parts over a given audio file.

And the sophisticated looping features that allow you to traverse the loops throughout the audio file will certainly make it better.

Have fun checking out the unique reverse playback option.

For those of you who are interested, the unique reverse music playback from Music Speed Changer will allow you to enable several unique experiences with your audio files.

Now, you can rapidly decode the secret meanings from a peculiar song or have fun learning how it would happen if you were to play a music track backward.

Who knows? You can even unearth an unheard melody that might motivate you to work on your new compositions.

Enable your own playing queue.

Music Speed Changer can simply scan out all the different audio files and music tracks on your Android devices.

And to make sure that you can readily play your music, the helpful Playing Queues with advantageous characteristics will make sure that you can effortlessly add or remove any specific song from the list.

Intuitive waveform view for all audio tracks

All audio tracks in Music Speed Changer may be played utilizing waveform displays, which give users with a precise outline of the music.

Hence, you may truly examine the dynamics of the music files and also have the audio files available for more accurate searches.

For those of you who are interested, you can now set markers on your waveform audio tracks to better position the different segments of the audio files.

Have fun working with the handy equalizer.

At the same time, while playing your music files, Android users in Music Speed Changer may enjoy toying with the handy 8-band visual equalizer, which will enable them to activate several particular control settings.

Feel free to change the trebles, mids, and low ends of the audio files to create numerous new tunes. Also, with the preamp available, you may allow the program to rapidly play any audio file at the right volume.

And the balance settings will make sure that songs are played on the most balanced channels.

Enable the BPM and music key of each track.

To make it easier to analyze the audio recordings, users may now activate the BPM and musical key of each track. As a result, you can quickly identify the precise adjustments and better differentiate each independent aspect of the audio recordings.

Interesting audio effects to experiment with

While playing the audio files, Android users may enjoy working with numerous exciting audio effects, which will help them to apply unique audio experiences, including echo, flanger, reverb, and so on.

Plus, if you ever want to sing along to any of your favorite songs, the program will let you get rid of the voice levels to create a karaoke vibe.

There are many saving and export options.

And after all the customizing possibilities, you can make use of the basic save and export choices in Music Speed Changer to increase your entire experience.

Feel free to export your adjustments to the standard mp3 or WAV files for easy sharing experiences. Choose to save the whole track or merely the edited sections. The different options will make sure that you are fully happy with the mobile app.

A useful audio recorder to work with

With the built-in audio recorder incorporated in Music Speed Changer, Android users can now make use of the software to capture stunning recordings at the highest quality. Feel free to employ the app to allow for much superior audio experiences.

Instant audio replies for more accurate editing

Here in Music Speed Changer, Android users may now take use of the rapid audio answers to have superior editing experiences.

Now, each time you make a new modification with speed or loop settings, the rapid playback option will give genuine playback experiences.

Enjoy the free and unlocked software on our website.

While the app is normally free for Android users to use, there will be advertisements and in-app purchases that could upset you. Hence, you may want to choose the fully unlocked version of Music Speed Changer from our website instead.

Feel free to download the Music Speed Changer Mod APK, follow the supplied instructions, and you’re ready to go.

Final judgments

Together with the professional Music Editor program, Android users may make use of various crucial settings in Music Speed Changer to enhance the listening experience for any available audio files.

Feel free to use the application to alter the playing speed, activate various effects, and also manage your audio files. All of this should allow Android users to be totally happy with their choice of application.

With the Music Editor program, Android users can simply change the pace of their favorite songs, enabling them to create a unique listening experience.

Additionally, users have the opportunity to add numerous effects to their audio files, boosting the overall sound quality.

Whether it’s organizing, renaming, or removing music files, Music Speed Changer offers full audio management tools, guaranteeing that users have total control over their music collection.

Ultimately, Android users can anticipate nothing but happiness while using this flexible and user-friendly application.

+ Added fast scroll in the Library window. Just drag progress indicator at the right edge of the screen. It may be handy if you have very large collection of books. + Removed redundant Overdrive and Libby chapters that have time in parentheses at the end. + Removed chapters if there was only one chapter in the file and its name was equal to ID3 Title tag of this file. + In the Full version was added support of Mp3, OverDrive, Ogg, Opus, Cue and openbook.json (Libby) chapters.


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