Here are the health risks of not taking care of your feet

One of the most important things that we ignore is the interest in the feet because the feet Carry the weight of the entire body.

So when any problem occurs, it will lead to severe Discomfort and pain, and this affects the Way and comfort of walking, and this pain affects The knee, so we must pay good attention To the foot, so our topic today is about the most Important foot problems and their Treatment.

Feet health care

Among the most important things that you must do in order to maintain the feet are:

1- Dry the feet very well,

 As drying the feet well, especially between the toes, prevents the occurrence of fungal       Infection.


2- The use of antifungals

Many forms and types of antifungal drugs are used, such as lotions and solutions that are Used in cases of dry feet or creams and powders that are used in cases of sweaty feet

And other fungal infections, but they are not effective in cases of nail fungus infection and According to the recommendations of the specialist doctor Isaac Tabari It is possible to use A Warm bath of black tea because black tea contains tannic acid.


3- Trimming the toenails with caution.

The nails should be clipped regularly and in a straight shape, not curved, as some do, due to The lack of internal growth of the nail.

4- Choose shoes with caution

Must be changed on a daily and continuous basis to ventilate them continuously and Prevent Infection. Also, narrow shoes should not be chosen. It is preferable to choose shoes with Wide heels.

5- Caution when conducting foot care sessions in specialized beauty

The centers must sterilize the basins and tools used in the foot care sessions.

Causes and treatment of numbness in legs

The numbness occurs as a result of injury to the peripheral nerves, as the numbness Occurred as a result of the injury of the central nervous system, and it is also rare that the Cause of numbness is one of the serious health problems such as stroke and tumors. 

The most important causes that lead to numbness of the legs are as follows:

1- Multiple sclerosis:

This disease occurs as a result of the immune system destroying the myelin sheath that Covers the nerve fibers. Patients vary in the appearance and severity of symptoms According to the affected nerve and the number of affected nerves.


The patient can suffer from numbness in both legs or one of them in addition to the general Fatigue and weight Tongue and dizziness.

2-: Metabolic neuropathy

Which is a group of diseases affecting the peripheral nervous system that are associated With metabolic problems such as hypothyroidism and liver disease, as well as diabetes, Which is the most common metabolic neuropathy. 

It should be noted that numbness of the legs is due to metabolic neuropathy. It gets worse At night.

3- Fibromyalgia,


Defined as a disorder that affects the muscles, as it is considered one of the most common Causes of foot numbness.

Out of every 4 patients, we find a patient who suffers from numbness in his lower Extremities, in addition to other symptoms of the disease such as muscle fatigue, memory And sleep problems, and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Animal products such as meat, fish, and eggs are rich sources of vitamin B12. 

People who depend on vegetables and plant products in their diet suffer from a deficiency in The vitamin. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes vision problems and digestive disorders such as diarrhea and Constipation, in addition to the patient suffering from the numbness of the legs.

4- Spinal cord injury The spinal cord

Extends from the base of the skull to the lower border of the first lumbar Vertebra, and the injury is divided according to the varying ability to sense and Control movement into total or partial injury.

Any change that occurs to the walls of blood vessels, such as narrowing or weakness, is an important reason for reducing blood flow to the various organs of the body, which results in damage to one or more organs, which affects the Functions of The body in general.

Patients with vasculitis suffer from headaches and fever, except for numbness of The limbs and fatigue general.

5. Stroke

A stroke occurs as a result of ischemia to a part of the brain because of this it affects the Amount of food and oxygen needed for life and is one of the medical emergencies that Require the transfer of the patient to the emergency immediately at the onset of the Symptoms of stroke and these symptoms.

[stutter speech and sudden headaches, in addition, It leads to imbalance, walking, and Numbness in the legs]
And stroke is one of the diseases that can be prevented by refraining from smoking, staying Away from foods saturated with fat, eating more vegetables and fruits, and exercising regularly.


6- Raynaud’s disease Raynaud’s disease

Occurs as a result of narrowing of the arteries that supply the skin, which causes poor blood Supply to the skin. Thus, the limbs, especially the fingers and toes, become more susceptible To numbness and extreme cold when exposed to stress or low temperatures. 

The most prominent symptoms associated with Raynaud’s disease are
[numbness of the toes and discoloration of the toes Skin and cold fingers]
And it can be prevented by keeping the extremities warm and not directly exposed to extreme cold.

Itchy feet causes and treatment
One of the annoying things for the feet is itchy feet and causes discomfort at all. Itchy feet Result from skin infection, fungal infection, or other reasons.

The affected person feels itchy at any time of the day or night, but during the day it is easy To deal with it because the mind is active and it is estimated that the feet do not itch, either At Night is the most difficult because of the awareness of the mind, which leads to a rise in it To a height of itching and leads to swelling, redness, and

The injury comes with diseases related to the increase in the production of the Neurotransmitter serotonin, and these diseases include:

  1. Cholestasis
  2. Liver disease
  3. Preeclampsia during pregnancy
  4.  Cancer
  5.  Neuropathy
  6.  Peripheral neuropathy which is usually associated with diabetes
  7.  Diabetes
  8. Kidney
  9.  Thyroid disease
  10.  Excessive red blood cells

* There are also cases that affect the skin and cause itching, such as: 

1- Athlete’s foot or tinea pedis,
which is a fungal infection, and itching is one of its main
symptoms, along with a red rash and crusting.


2- Eczema
is the one whose symptoms are similar to those of an athlete’s foot. Eczema appears in the form of a rash and the skin is scaly and thick.

3- Contact dermatitis, which is in the form of a red rash and is caused by irritants and       Allergens, including: 


Adhesives or chemicals in shoes, neomycin in antibiotic ointments, poison ivy, tape, perfume, Or other chemicals used in care products Skin, and nails.

4- Dry skin
  That may result from medical conditions such as:

  Atopic dermatitis or other external conditions such as lack of moisture, aging, or a diet low In vitamins or essential fatty acids.

5- Psoriasis

6- Insect bites

7- Wounds and injuries

Symptoms associated with itchy feet

1- rash
2- swelling
3- redness
4- white spots
5- pimples
6- dryness

Itchy feet treatment

You should see a dermatologist when the itching of the feet worsens, especially after the Occurrence of these cases:

The itching persists after treatment with home recipes, the inability to sleep, the Lack of focus on the daily routine due to The lack of comfort, the spread of itching To the entire body, or the effect on the body in one way or another.

the lack of clarity or knowing the cause of itching. Feet and other symptoms such As redness of the skin, fever, weight loss, or lethargy.

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