The PS5 just did something that no PlayStation console has done since 2004.

by ghaliamohrem, Saturday, 13 January 2024 (2 months ago)
The PS5 just did something that no PlayStation console has done since 2004.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is selling pretty well in Japan, according to new information that suggests it was the second-best-selling system in the country last year, behind only Nintendo’s Switch.

The PS5 did something no PlayStation console had ever done.

Even more astoundingly, the PS5 sold better than any PlayStation system has ever sold since the PS2 in 2004. That’s also an indication of precisely how easy it will be to recognize the machine in 2023 compared to prior years. With its record-breaking sales, the PS5 has solidified its position as a dominant player in the gaming industry. Its popularity and success are likely to continue to grow, making it even more recognizable in the coming years. As technology advances and more gamers embrace the console, the PS5’s distinct features and iconic design will further cement its place in gaming history.

According to sales numbers provided by Famitsu on January 12, the top-selling console in Japan last year was the now-six-year-old Switch by a large margin. Nintendo’s hybrid system sold just 4.06 million units in 2023 versus 4.8 million in 2022. Despite a slight decrease in sales from the previous year, the Switch maintained its dominance in the Japanese gaming market. This impressive feat can be attributed to the console’s strong lineup of exclusive games and its versatile design, which appeals to both handheld and home console gamers. With its loyal fan base and continued support from Nintendo, the Switch shows no signs of losing its popularity anytime soon.

So a bit of a decline, but still weird to see such an outdated console topping the list with such a big number. As of today, lifetime sales for the Switch in Japan are nearing 32 million. Following after the Switch is Sony’s PS5, which sold 2.58 million units in 2023. While it may not be as high as the Switch’s, it’s still a tremendous leap from 2022’s total sales, which were only 1.15 million.

It’s far easier to purchase a PS5 than in recent years.

And the statistics seem to be showing that. Sony’s PS5 is doing well; Microsoft’s Xbox is not so much. Interestingly, based on historical figures, this is the best a PlayStation system has done in Japan since 2004.

Back then, the PS2 was able to sell around 2.59 million units.

Following that, the PS2, PS3, and PSP couldn’t quite repeat that high point. As for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S consoles, well, they, uh, I mean, some people in Japan bought them. There are not many, however. The Xbox Series X/S was only able to sell 141,712 units throughout the country in 2023.

And its entire lifetime sales in Japan lay at a dismal 540,107. Meanwhile, Sony’s older PS4 sold another 73,292 units, or nearly half of what the new Xbox was able to sell. Those metrics aren’t ideal for Microsoft, but they get substantially worse when you compare them to last year. In 2022, the Xbox Series consoles sold 269,737. This significant drop in sales for Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles is cause for concern. It indicates a decline in popularity and demand for the brand in Japan, especially when compared to Sony’s PS4. The company will need to reassess its marketing strategies and make efforts to regain its market share in the region.

Here are the top 10 games sold in Japan in 2023, according to Famitsu’s data. And yes, they are all Switch games.



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