Tends to get a buildup of estrogen that, can have a negative effect on our health.
Risk of blood clots.
High levels of estrogen increase the chances of developing it We will also explain the reasons behind the orgasm.
We will also explain the reasons behind the orgasm, Estrogen levels, and how you can bring them up, Balance hormones using natural remedies.

Signs of high estrogen: in men


1-Increased Breast Tissue

Men who have high estrogen levels tend to

Gain weight around the stomach first, shortly
Followed by fatty tissue around the breasts.
Breast tissue from growing or expanding.
Testosterone falls, causing enlarged breasts.

Testosterone in the male body usually prevents However when you have too much estrogen, your

2-Enlarged Prostate

Estrogen is an anabolic hormone, which causes
Things to grow in the body.

Having too much estrogen causes the prostate
To become enlarged.

This can put pressure on your bladder, making
You urinate more often, especially during
The night.

High estrogen can also raise the risk of prostate

3-Loss Of Body Hair

Another common sign of high estrogen is a
Loss of body hair, especially on the shins
And lower legs in men.

Too much estrogen causes blood flow problems
In the legs in both men and women.
This can cause fewer nutrients to reach the
Hair follicles, causing them to fall out.

High estrogen is also linked to varicose veins.


4-Decreased Libido

Testosterone is the main male hormone, which
Has a healthy balance with estrogen in the

Sometimes, however, an enzyme called aromatase
Converts your testosterone into estrogen,
Making you lose your sex drive and libido.

It can also trigger erectile dysfunction.

5-Pot Belly

If you have a pot-shaped belly, which often
Becomes bloated in the evening, then this
Is a positive sign you have a build-up of fat
in your liver.

The liver gets damaged from consuming sugar,
Fructose or alcohol for many years.

It’s then unable to detox excess estrogen
Properly, causing a potbelly, bigger breast
Tissue and overall weight gain.

6-Higher Voice

Having higher estrogen can also cause your

Voice to become slightly higher in pitch,
Because of how estrogen lowers your testosterone.
and make subtle changes towards femininity.

This can affect parts of the nervous system

7-Slowed Growth


In children and teenagers, having too much
estrogen in their bodies can result in delayed
Puberty, because it lowers their testosterone.

Unfortunately, this can also slow their growth
And can result in a shorter stature.

8-Loss Of Collagen

Lowered testosterone and higher estrogen can
Cause men to lose collagen in the body.

This makes your skin sag, your joints become
Ceaker and your blood vessels to lose their

Eating more foods rich in Vitamin C specifically
Can help with this.

9-Loss Of Muscle

As we get older, our muscles often become
Weaker because of how testosterone lowers
and estrogen rises.

Estrogen causes you to lose muscle mass as
They begin to atrophy.

By following the tips later in the video,
You can help to keep your muscles strong as
You get older, which also may add years to
your life.

10-Spider Naevi


Finally, you may also develop small red dots
On the skin with spider-like veins.

These can develop anywhere on the body and
Are associated with increased estrogen levels
in the blood.

These also develop in women when taking the contraceptive pill containing estrogen.
Why Do I Have High Estrogen?

If you believe some of the signs above fit
Your profile, then you may be wondering why
Your estrogen levels are high.

As you can see, there are actually 6 main
Reasons that men may have high estrogen levels
Let’s explore these in more detail:

-GMO Foods

Most commercially grown foods that we eat
Are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides
and other chemicals.

When we eat these foods, the chemicals go
Into our bodies and cause some major hormonal
Imbalances over time, leading to high estrogen
and liver problems.

-Fatty Liver

Fatty liver disease affects more than 25%

Of people in the US alone.
Scar tissue is called cirrhosis.
Causing a higher spike in estrogen.

The liver becomes clogged with fat, and sometimes This prevents it from balancing out your hormones.


Drinking alcoholic drinks on a regular basis

Has also been shown to lower testosterone
And raise estrogen in men.
Aromatase, which converts your testosterone
into estrogen.

Alcohol increases an enzyme in your body called

This is why heavy drinkers tend to have a
Potbelly, and breast tissue, because of how
it causes an imbalance in these hormones.


Eating too many sugary foods, especially soda’s

And fruit juices containing high fructose
Corn syrup causes major damage to the liver.
Levels which is the leading cause of disease
in the world.

This results in higher insulin and estrogen

-Excess Fat

The more fat you have stored in your body,
the more estrogen is produced.

Fat cells naturally make estrogen, and also
Raise the risk of various cancers, including
Breast and prostate cancer.

To balance your hormones you may need to lose


Finally, eating too many grains can also raise

Your estrogen levels because they often contain
A fungus called zearalenone.
The risk of cancer, heart disease, and many.

This mimics estrogen in the body and can raise

9 Best Cancer Prevention Foods Read more Here 

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