How to lose belly fat

That is why people who gain weight quickly will lose weight quickly And those who have gained weight over the years do not lose weight quickly When you gain 5 to 6 kg in six months, you can easily lose weight if you exercise for a month.

When the food we eat is more than what the body needs, it is stored as fat as it spoils if Stored as food particles In this way all the extra calories are converted into fat and stored in The fat cells which are the banks for them Just as we save money in banks and lockers, so Too can fat cells store body fat.


What are brown fats and white fats?

The excess is stored in the fat cells Newly stored fat is brown in color People who take Excess food daily and convert it to fat, over time this stored fat will turn white What is the Damage when it is white and what is the benefit when it is brown?

This brown fat is seen more in children That is why children lose weight quickly, even if they Gain weight for a while This brown fat is stored in small quantities in small fat cells In our fat Cells it is stored in small ones It dissolves very quickly.

When we do strenuous work or exercise It is like small sticks that burn quickly and larger Logs that burn slowly Brown fat can be compared to smaller sticks, and white fat cells to Larger logs White fat cells can store more fat Brown fat cells are very small, so they burn quickly.

This is why people with brown fat cells can lose weight quickly. This brown fat is more in Kids when it comes to, where is it in us, and what’s a good proportion? This brown fat is Mostly stored under the skin, one is the outer layer and the other is the inner layer of the Skin, and the balls here under the skin are fat cells.

And brown fat is stored there The extra food we take goes in here They are Mostly stored under the skin, around the neck, on the back, on the shoulders, and The chest, Brown fat is mostly stored in these parts.

Brown Fat Benefits

The benefits of these brown fats are It acts as a cushion and reduce stress on the skin. When We sit, it makes us comfortable and also regulates temperature.

These fat cells burn when it is too cold to keep us warm and protect us from very cold Temperatures by burning and producing heat So these brown fat cells are ready for Thermogenesis.

Brown fat in 10 to 20 percent is considered good If we store more brown fat than this, it will Turn into white fat cells and increase in size and then it stores on inside parts, thighs, buttocks, shoulders, and around stomach As your brown fat percentage increases and is Stored, it turns into white fat.

As the brown fat is like small sticks, the white is nothing but big logs like we combine all the Small sticks into one big log, and also like how we make big jewelry by melting small jewelry In the same way this small size fat is converted into large size white fat that is why they take Time to dissolve.

So brown fat is healthy but its percentage should not be higher than what we have Discussed When some people lose weight by changing diet and exercising quickly, they burn Brown fat under the skin.

That is why fat is reduced on the shoulders, back and chest If the fat around the stomach, buttocks, and thighs is not reducing, it is due to the presence of white fat cells When you Want to reduce brown fat the result will appear quickly if you control diet and do exercise This is seen in those who are losing weight Children has more brown fat and it does not change quickly.

Therefore, even in children, rapid weight loss appears. Fat in adults does not burn as fast as It does. Fat is stored and converted into large white fat cells over the years, which take a Long time to dissolve and break down. Convert it into energy. So some people do not lose weight because of this.

Those with brown fat lose weight quickly And it is a healthy fat Only when its percentage Increases, does it turn negative When fat cells are brown, inflammation in the cells does not Occur It does not cause diseases such as BP, diabetes, and paralysis Brown fat is not at risk Of bringing about such diseases.

People with white fat lose weight slowly

So it can be easily dissolved If you pay attention to the growing fat from the beginning, Brown fat will not convert into white fat It can also be easily reduced by changing the diet. So you have to be careful as prevention is better than cure People with white fat lose weight Slowly If you are disappointed about the result, keep in mind that the result will appear Slowly.


When you start exercising, white fat can be converted into brown fat gradually Some people are very concerned about not losing weight. So, we are offering Offer this insight If you take care when you gain 5, 10 kg, you can reduce this Brown fat.

We are discussing this to bring awareness to you and I request you to try to control your diet and do exercise to convert white fat into brown fat and to maintain the ideal weight.

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