What are the latest updates from Hyperos for the POCO F5?

by ghaliamohrem, Thursday, 11 January 2024 (1 month ago)
What are the latest updates from Hyperos for the POCO F5?

As Xiaomi promised, the HyperOS upgrade for the POCO F5 will arrive shortly. POCO is officially updating all of their F5 devices to HyperOS.

Latest updates from Hyperos for POCO F5?


We have confirmation that the update will soon be available to all users, and it has already started going out to people in India. The initial feedback from Indian users has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the new features and improvements. This gradual roll-out strategy allows for any potential bugs or issues to be identified and resolved before reaching a wider audience. With the successful implementation in India, the company is optimistic about the update’s reception worldwide and looks forward to bringing these enhancements to users across the globe.

The reason being, HyperOS builds customized for the POCO F5 are always ready to go.

Released in 2023 was a variant of POCO F called POCO F5.

It is intriguing to speculate when the POCO F5 will receive the HyperOS upgrade.The changelog for the POCO F5 HyperOS upgrade that was made available for the India area as of January 2, 2024, is supplied by Xiaomi.

Jio [System] VoNR support

The December 2023 Android Security Patch Update increased security for the system.

Beautiful aesthetics

The December 2023 Android Security Patch Update increased security for the system. This update included several critical bug fixes and vulnerability patches that further strengthened the Android operating system. With the increasing threat of malware and cyberattacks, users can now feel more confident in the security of their devices. Additionally, the December 2023 Android Security Patch Update introduced additional privacy features, allowing users to have greater control over their personal data and ensuring a safer mobile experience.

  • Global aesthetics improves the appearance and feel of your gadget by taking elements from life itself.
  • The new animation language makes using your smartphone healthy and straightforward.
  • Natural color palettes offer your device’s full surface vibrancy and vigor.
  • Our brand-new system font suits many writing systems.
  • The revamped weather app gives essential information and displays the exterior temperature.
  • Notifications are meant to transmit critical information to you most effectively.
  • With the support of many effects and dynamic rendering, any photo on your lock screen may appear like an art poster.
  • New icons for the home screen present well-known businesses with fresh new colors and designs.
  • Our in-house multi-rendering technology provides nuanced and warm visuals throughout the complete system.
  • With a redesigned multi-window interface, multitasking is substantially easier and more pleasant.



Users participating in the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester program now obtain the HyperOS upgrade for POCO F5, initially available for the India ROM.

This upgrade brings several new features and improvements to enhance the user experience on the POCO F5. Some of the key additions include a revamped user interface, enhanced system stability, and improved battery optimization. POCO is actively seeking feedback from the pilot testers to further refine the HyperOS upgrade before rolling it out to all POCO F5 users worldwide.

and excitement is rising. Users are requested to demonstrate patience until the HyperOS upgrade, which promises to change the smartphone experience with cutting-edge capabilities, is gradually available to all users. The anticipation for the HyperOS upgrade is palpable as users eagerly await the arrival of this game-changing update. With promises of cutting-edge capabilities, it’s no wonder that excitement is on the rise. Although users are encouraged to be patient, the wait will undoubtedly be worth it once they get to experience the enhanced smartphone features that the HyperOS upgrade has in store.

These are the most recent POCO F5 internal builds!

The OS1.0.2.0.UMRMIXM, OS1.0.1.0.UMMRIDXM, and OS1.0.1.0.UMRTWXM are the most recent internal builds of HyperOS.

The update will shortly be made accessible to users once it has finished extensive testing.

During this testing phase, any bugs or glitches that are discovered will be addressed and fixed. The development team is committed to ensuring that the update is stable and reliable before releasing it to users. Once the testing is complete and all issues have been resolved, the update will be made available for download or installation, providing users with enhanced features and improvements.

It is noteworthy that Android 14 serves as the base for HyperOS. Users will also receive the Android 14 upgrade along with the HyperOS update.We are here to reply to your intriguingly expected query.

When will the HyperOS update be delivered for POCO F5?

The HyperOS upgrade for the smartphone will arrive no later than “mid-January.” Users engaging in the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program will be the first to obtain it. Please be patient. We’ll let you know as soon as HyperOS is available.

Once released, users can expect a range of exciting new features and improvements with the HyperOS upgrade. This eagerly awaited update is said to enhance the phone’s performance, introduce a more intuitive user interface, and provide advanced security measures. POCO users can look forward to an enhanced smartphone experience with the upcoming HyperOS upgrade.

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