What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is the medical term for what we all know as hair loss. This is not an illness it is Simply a condition. 

It doesn’t affect the health of a person since most Alopecia sufferers are healthy and it Doesn’t have any complications. But this doesn’t mean though that Alopecia should be taken Lightly.

Alopecia is a condition that mostly affects a person’s emotional well-being. Losing hair, Usually in the scalp although some have experienced hair loss in other parts of the body, can Be a tremendous blow to one’s self-esteem, and usually, a person loses confidence and find The situation embarrassing.

Alopecia generally starts with thinning hair on a certain spot.
This is what we commonly call a bald spot. For some people, this condition just cures itself And unfortunately, there is no known cure yet. But there are treatments available that can Help stimulate hair growth, thus allowing hair to grow into the balding spot. But when Treatment is discontinued, the bald spot will once again grow.

Also, it is still unknown what is causing alopecia to occur. Most experts agree that this is an Autoimmune condition, whereas, a trigger occurs and the immune system attacks the hair Follicles disallowing them to grow hair. Experts also agree that Alopecia can be hereditary.

 One in every five Alopecia sufferers has the condition in their family.

Alopecia treatments may vary depending upon the severity of the condition and the age of The afflicted person. It is highly recommended that a diagnosis should be done first by a Qualified Alopecia expert.

Discovering the Causes of Alopecia

Even though Alopecia afflicts millions of people around the world, research and Studies have not been fully matured to discover what causes alopecia to happen, and To develop a permanent cure to get rid of it. Many scientists and doctors have Developed their theories and many of them agree on one thing, although it is not yet Decided as a fact.

Alopecia is generally believed to be caused by our own body’s autoimmune response. This means that our immune system, for some unknown reason, is attacking the hair follicles causing them to stop producing hair. Although not all hair follicles are usually Affected, there are some rare cases where all the scalp areas or even all the epidermis Are afflicted.

What triggers the immune system to go into hyperdrive and attack the hair Follicles is still a mystery. No one knows what this trigger is and if this trigger is Started by an outside influence or is found inside the body.
Also, it has been noted that in about one in every five cases of Alopecia, the condition is hereditary. This means that Alopecia can be handed down and Future family members, whether male or female can be affected.


Although there is no cure yet for this potentially embarrassing and self-esteem-Destroying condition, there are some treatments that are available to at least Regenerate hair growth. Consulting a doctor or a dermatologist is Imperative to find The treatment that will properly suit a certain condition of Alopecia.

Treat Alopecia Areata and Say Goodbye to Hair Loss

Have you noticed some round patches of hair loss in your body? Usually, in the Scalp, this patchy loss of hair can take form in any shape but they are usually Spots or round formations. This condition is called Alopecia Areata. 

Occurring to about 2 percent of the world population, Alopecia Areata can Happen to both sexes, male and female.

Usually, Alopecia Areata happens only in a small area in any hair growing part of The skin, sometimes though multiple spots can occur and in rare cases, Alopecia Areata Totalis, loss of all scalp hair can happen. 

Even rarer is Alopecia Universalis, or total body hair loss may also happen to Stem from Alopecia Areata.

For a lot of people, treating Alopecia Areata is very important, especially for Cosmetic reasons. Hair loss can be a great source of embarrassment and loss of Self-esteem. Generally, to treat Alopecia Areata, one can make use of topical Medications or steroidal injections.

Getting treatment for Alopecia Areata should first be preceded by the proper diagnosis from a qualified physician. Knowing what type of alopecia you have is Detrimental so that the proper treatment will be administered.

Numerous types of topical medication can be used. Choosing the right one will be Done by the physician after a diagnosis. 

This way, you will be able to fix the problem at a faster rate. Also, sometimes, steroid Injections are Not applicable to everyone. So be sure to get in touch with your doctor first before doing any treatment for Alopecia Areata.

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