WhatsApp now lets you filter spam directly from your lock screen

by ghaliamohrem, Sunday, 11 February 2024 (2 weeks ago)
WhatsApp now lets you filter spam directly from your lock screen

Phishing methods on WhatsApp are a huge concern, but a new feature enables users to reject messages from unknown contacts right from the lock screen.

WhatsApp is a popular communication network used by many individuals abroad, making it easy for bad actors to reach users directly.

These unscrupulous actors typically utilize phishing methods to trick unwary individuals into providing their personal information or downloading dangerous files.

The new function, however, empowers consumers by giving an extra degree of protection.

Now, even if a user gets a questionable message from an unfamiliar contact, they may immediately reject it without even opening their phone, decreasing the danger of falling prey to phishing efforts.

Filter spam directly from the WhatsApp lock screen

The new feature on WhatsApp enables users reject doubtful messages and report the sender, skipping the hassle of having to open the software and communicate.

This function is a much-needed innovation to fight the spread of disinformation and spam on the network.

By simply rejecting these communications and reporting the sender, users may participate to building a safer and more dependable environment for communication.

It also saves time and effort, enabling users to immediately take action against suspicious information without participating in pointless exchanges.

Have you engaged your phone is always-on-display feature?

Phishing operations are a common occurrence, since they are one of the easiest tactics for criminal actors to extort money or get your personal data discreetly.

These attempts show up as seemingly genuine communication from banks and other businesses, and while email services have matured enough to automatically detect and block most phishing attempts, the onus of detecting and dodging scam attempts remains on the user with most modern instant messaging apps.

WhatsApp may not be ahead of the curve in its war against spam, but a new feature makes it easy to manage rubbish directly on your lock screen.

With this new feature, WhatsApp users can now preview messages and instantly spot possible frauds or phishing attempts without even unlocking their phone.

This helps people be attentive and avoid falling prey to such fraudulent attempts.

While it is necessary for technology platforms to continually enhance their security measures, it is as critical for users to be careful and informed about the different strategies employed by fraudsters in order to safeguard their personal information and funds.

WhatsApp is a source of communication for a third of people globally

WhatsApp is tremendously popular in many nations throughout the globe, operating as the major instant messaging software for daily purposes.

Since accounts are attached to phone numbers, anybody with your number may contact you on the app, making it relatively uncomplicated for bad actors to reach you directly.

To its credit, WhatsApp gives cautious alerts immediately beneath the sender’s contact information when you receive messages from unknown numbers.

You’ll also notice a visible block option beneath the Add to contacts button for such conversations, but you need to join the chat to touch the message, or at the very least, block the sender from your chat list.

This feature allows users to exercise care and protect themselves against possible danger. It is crucial to stay watchful and avoid dealing with unfamiliar numbers or strange texts.

By employing the block option and being careful of the warnings presented, users may guarantee a safer chatting experience on WhatsApp.

Source: WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp messaged users via its official account, announcing a new feature where you may reject messages from an unknown contact instantly from the lock screen.

In a brief video, the business stressed that if a message has all the hallmarks of phishing activities, Ponzi schemes, or other frauds, you may expand the fast actions on your lock screen and choose the Block option, directly opposite the Reply button.

This new function attempts to boost user security and protect them from possible attacks. It enables users to easily block and avoid any questionable messages from unfamiliar contacts without even unlocking their smartphone.

By giving this choice straight from the lock screen, WhatsApp allows users to take rapid action against suspected frauds or phishing efforts, guaranteeing a safer messaging experience for everybody.

WhatsApp may give you an extra option to report the contact.

To do this, simply tick the checkbox for the Report contact option, and then click Block to confirm your action in the pop-up window.

The sender’s previous five messages will be shared with WhatsApp, and we believe all the user-provided data sets the trail for a complete and automated spam protection system.

Since this method of blocking contacts is accessible on your lock screen, it’s also available in your notification shade. In any event, you avoid the trouble of launching the program and then the conversation, merely to filter out unpleasant comments.

By employing the Report contact feature, users may instantly identify and reject spam communications without the need for extra software or going through the trouble of screening unpleasant comments manually.

This functionality not only increases user experience but also enables WhatsApp to gather vital data from the sender’s prior messages, leading to the development of a comprehensive and automatic spam detection system.

Whether you’re using your smartphone from the lock screen or notification shade, this feature remains readily available at all times.

The functionality is rolling out internationally and should be accessible on your smartphone immediately.


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